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CEA and APA partner to create digital audiobook standards. (Industry News).

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) has announced that its R6 mobile electronics committee will partner with the Audio Publishers Association (APA) to develop audiobook standards for digital media and devices. This decision was reached after CEA's R6 committee voted to accept the "needs statement" recommended by the conference working group and to proceed with related standards-setting initiatives. The digital audiobook standards that CEAs R6 will develop are designed to help ensure that the same features and benefits that consumers enjoy with analog cassettes will also be available with digital audio. These features include the opportunity to electronically bookmark where the previous listening session ended, so that the listener can resume play where he left off, and the ability to play digital audio files with no gaps between tracks. The working group that drafted the standards statement recommends incorporating these features into all digital audio media and players and developing an audiobook cert ification program for digital audio devices that would alert consumers to the presence of these audiobook-friendly features. An "Audiobook Compatible" logo would be placed on devices meeting the certification requirements.


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Date:Oct 1, 2002
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