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CE/Q Medical Abstracts, vol. 1.

This publication is a listing of abstracts from the recent literature, with recommendations that could lead to a reduction in expenses or improvement in the quality of patient care. The abstracts are arranged by discipline and, where appropriate, are accompanied by the abstractor's estimate of the amount of money that could be saved if the recommendations were carried out.

The abstracts are well done and accurately summarize the articles. Most of the abstracts are from the literature that is read by department chairs, division chiefs, and program and unit directors. I believe experienced clinicians in teaching hospitals will have read the articles and be familiar with the recommendations. However, it might be of value in smaller hospitals or in health care organizations in which an experienced individual who follows the literature is not available in every area.

The primary value of the abstracts would be to executives working to stimulate greater efficiency in departments. The abstracts identify opportunities for instituting multi-disciplinary review teams, developing clinical practice guidelines, determining threshold indicators for use of certain technology, etc.

Departments could identify two or three of the cost-saving ideas in this volume for study and implementation in their setting, and the book could be used to stimulate and guide their work. However, the "cost" savings appear to be based on charges and thus may overestimate actual savings, particularly when the costs of implementing the changes are added.--Robert E. Reed, MD, Executive Vice President for Medical Affairs, Sinai Hospital, Detroit, Mich.
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Author:Reed, Robert E.
Publication:Physician Executive
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Mar 1, 1993
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