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CDGK's Rs.52.360bn budget passed.

In a friendly environment the City Council approved the city district government Karachi's (CDGK) Rs.52.360 billion budget for fiscal year 2009-10.

The budget, presented in the house by Syed Mustafa Kamal, City Nazim, was approved without any further discussion as the opposition members supported dominated treasury in passing the budget.

The budget includes an estimated non-development expenditure of Rs.25.542 billion and Rs.26.818 billion for development expenditures.

The budget also estimated a surplus of Rs.170.36 billion with total expected receipts standing at Rs.52.531 billion as against the total expenditure of Rs.52.360 billion.


On the expenditure side, the document estimates include Rs.6,137.41 million establishment expenses, Rs.2,003.37 million for contingent expenses and Rs.300.84 million for repair and maintenance works.

Estimated funds/share, to be transferred to towns and union councils (DCs), amount to Rs.2,461.95 million, while allocation for devolved departments (Government of Sindh) (salary and non-salary) stands at Rs.11,500.24 million.

The budget also shows an expected expenditure of Rs.2,461.95 million, Rs.2,941,10 million, Rs.1,524.34 million, Rs.163.75 million, Rs.86.02 million and Rs.64.98 million under the respective heads of Share of Towns/ UCs, Municipal Service, Transport and Communication, Naib Nazim and Council Secretariat, Nazim Secretariat and Literacy Department.


The expected receipts for the next fiscal year includes current receipts at Rs.24,631.42 million, capital receipts at Rs. 2,167.87 million. Annual Development Programme at Rs.2,835.31 million.

Budget Allocation

According to the budget the Works and Services department would get the biggest allocation of Rs.11,361.78 million followed by the education and health sectors which would get Rs.10,123.92 million and Rs.3,983.87 million, respectively.

Allocations for the Water and Sanitation Department (KWSB) includes current expenditure of Rs.5,600.65 million and development expenditure Rs.5,795.76 million.

Rs.36.84 million and Rs.63.63 million are the lowest amounts allocated in the budget for Enterprise and Investment Promotion and Law Department, respectively.

Allocations in the budget for some of the major development projects include Rs.2 billion for development/ improvement of basic infrastructure, Rs.451.24 million for uplift works in UCs, Rs.1,500 million for privatization of Solid Waste Management System, Rs.5.6 billion for Corridor-3 and 4 projects, Rs.500 million for purchase of CNG buses., Rs.100 million for uplift of industrial areas and Rs.939.17 million for Tamer-e-Karachi Programme.

Other allocations include Rs.350 million for Elevated Expressway, Rs.500 million for Karachi Mass Transit system and Rs.500 million for the construction of parking plazas.

Development & Infrastructure

City Nazim in his budget speech said that Rs.1679 million, Rs.250 million and Rs.50 million would be spend on the development works of model schools, English Medium Schools in every town, and teachers' training, respectively.

In the social sector, Kamal said, for new city cricket teams, vocational centres in four towns, development of Safari park and art gallery Rs.20 million, Rs.190 million, Rs.170 million and Rs.100 million would be allocated, respectively.

City Nazim said that Rs.25 million would be given to every Union Council with the liabilities of the financial year 2006-2007 within next few months.

In the budget speech, Mr. Kamal, also briefed the house about the development works, the city government has been successfully completed so far in its tenure.
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Title Annotation:BUDGET FY - 2009-10; City District Government Karachi
Comment:CDGK's Rs.52.360bn budget passed.(BUDGET FY - 2009-10)(City District Government Karachi )
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Date:Jul 1, 2009
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