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CDA auctions 46 plots; fetches Rs 11 bln.

ISLAMABAD -- Capital Development Authority (CDA) auctioned 46 plots worth over Rs 11 billion rupees as final outcome of the grand auction which was concluded here on Thursday. Auction was conducted in highly transparent manner under supervision of Chairman Auction Committee, Member Finance, CDA, Dr. Fahad Haroon Aziz. On 3rd day 31 Commercial plots worth over 10.6 billion while 15 residential plots worth over 500 million rupees were auctioned during three days of auction.

Results of the just concluded auction are highest in 57 years history of Capital Development Authority.

Mayor Islamabad and Chairman, CDA, Sheikh Anser Aziz has expressed his pleasure over historic auction of residential and commercial plots held on 16th, 17th and 18th May, 2017.

Mayor said that tireless efforts of Dr. Fahad Haroon Aziz for conducting successful and transparent auction are laudable.

Fahad Haroon efforts have fetched investors back to CDA from competitive venues, he added.

On third day of auction 21 plots worth over Rs 2,108,030,250. The auction plots include Plot No. 3-D, size 133.33, sector G-10/3, SC #05, Class-III, Shopping Centre against Rs.455,000/- per sq.yd, total Rs.60,665,150/-, Plot No.2-A, size 133.33, Sector G-11/2 SC#5, against Rs.455,000/- per sq.yd, total 60,665,150/-, Plot No.2-A, size 133.33, G-11/4, SC#14 against Rs. 458,000/- per sq.yd, total 61,065, 140/-, Plot No.36, size 3000 sq.yd, sector I-8 Markaz (hotel) against Rs.160,000/-

per sq.yd, total Rs.480,000,000/-, Plot No. 01, size 266.66 Park Enclave-I, against 375,000/- per sq.yd, total Rs.99.997,500/-, Plot No.38, size

1500 sq.yd, sector G-11 Markaz (petrol pump) against Rs,220,000/- per sq.yd, total Rs.330,000,000/-, Plot for Petrol Pump, size 2500 sq.yd, Park Enclave-II, against Rs.144,000/- per sq.yd, total 360,000,000/-,

Plot No.15, size 3.59 acres (28.72 kanal), Orchard Scheme, Muree Road, against Rs.7,900,000/- per sq.yd, total Rs.226,888,000/-, Plot No.4-J,

size 133.33, Class-III Shopping Centre, Sector D-12/2, SC#2 against Rs.370,000/-, total 49,332,100/-, Plot No.6-H, size 266.67, Class-III Shopping Centre, Sector H-11/4, against Rs.143,000/- per sq.yd, total Rs.38,133,810/-, Plot No.7-A, size 266.67, Sector H-11/4, Class-

III Shopping Centre against 162,000/- per sq.yd, total Rs.43,200,540/-,

Plot No.2-A, size 133.33, Sector I-11/2, SC#3, Class-III Shopping Centre against 146,000/- per sq.yd, total Rs.19,466,180/-, Plot No.2-A, size 133.33, I-14/1, SC#3, Class-III against 217,000/-, total Rs.28,932,610/-, Plot No.4-A, size 133.33, Class-III, I-14/1, SC#2 against Rs.226,000/-

per sq.yd, total Rs.30,132,580/-, Plot No.2-R, size 133.33, Class-III, Sector I-14/2, SC#3, against Rs.161,000/- per sq.yd, total Rs.21,466,130/-, Plot No.5-A, size 133.33, Class-III, sector I-14/3 SC#9, against Rs.206,000/- per sq.yd, total Rs.27,465,980/-, Plot 2-A, size 133.33,

Sector I- 14/4,SC#10, Class -III against Rs.224,000/- per sq.yd, total Rs.29,865,920/-, Plot No.3-A, size 133.33, Sector I-14/4,SC#12, Class-III against Rs.247,000/- per sq.yd, total Rs.32,932,510/- , Plot No.4-E, size 133.33, sector I-16/2, SC#4, Class-III against Rs.221,000/- per sq.yd, total Rs. 29,465,930/-.

Similarly, Plot No.115, size 111.11, sector I-10/3, Auto Mobile Workshop against 110,000/- per sq.yd, total Rs.12,222,100/-, Plot No.34, size 1066.66, sector I-11/2 for Timber against Rs.62,000/- per sq.yd, total Rs.66,132,920/- were auctioned. Total amount of auctioned commercial plots on 3rd day of three days auction stands at Rs 2,108,030,250/-.

Results of the auction will be presented before CDA Board for approval. CDA Board is competent to accord approval to successful bidding.
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Publication:Balochistan Times (Baluchistan Province, Pakistan)
Date:May 19, 2017
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