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 TORRANCE, Calif., Nov. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- In a suite at COMDEX on Tuesday, Nov. 16, Davidson & Associates Inc. (NASDAQ: DAVD) and Malibu Comics will preview CD-ROMIX!(TM), a new Davidson affiliated software line that features the adventures of popular Malibu Comics characters on CD-ROM.
 Bob Davidson, chairman and chief executive officer of Davidson & Associates, and Scott Rosenberg, president and founder of Malibu Comics, will demonstrate CD-ROMIX! titles "Prime No.1(TM)," "Freex No. 1(TM)," and "Hardcase No. 1(TM)" from Malibu Comics' best-selling Ultraverse(TM) line. These stories are brought to life with brilliant, high-resolution graphics; real life character voices; special effects; original music; and dynamic sound effects.
 Each CD-ROMIX! title also takes users "behind the scenes" through special video segments, including interviews with the creators of the characters, an overview of the Ultraverse world and its inhabitants, and a look at how comic books are created both in print and on the computer screen.
 Says Davidson, chairman and chief executive officer of Davidson & Associates Inc., "Early reaction to CD-ROMIX! from our distribution partners has been very favorable, and we are excited about creating this new category of value-priced CD-ROM software. The graphics sound track and impact of CD-ROMIX! will be compelling for both those who enjoy comic books and those looking for exciting new CD-ROM software."
 Adds Rosenberg, president and founder of Malibu Comics, "Previewing CD-ROMIX! at COMDEX will give computer users the opportunity to experience the excitement of our best-selling comic books. And we think they'll be impressed with the way CD-ROMIX! brings these stories to life with brilliant graphics, superb special effects and realistic character voices."
 Several Ways to Play
 Each comic book experience contains more than 130 panels on over 60 screens. The stories may be viewed on autoplay or paced by the user. Players can also replay screens as many times as they like, or they can listen to the sound track separately on a CD player.
 Prime Episode No. 1
 Prime is the most powerful superhero in the Ultraverse. In this adventure, players discover Prime is actually a 13-year-old boy. As the story unfolds, Prime defends a group of junior high school girls, fights crime and drugs, and helps U.N. peacekeeping forces deliver food to starving people in Somalia.
 Freex Episode No. 1
 Freex brings player into the world of five teenagers, each with special powers, who are the victims of an experiment gone awry. As outcasts from society, they band together throughout the adventure to survive a hostile world and learn to deal with their powers.
 Hardcase Episode No. 1
 Hardcase is another super human who gives up a crime-fighting career to become an action film star. During Hardcase's crime-fighting years, three of his colleagues were killed or injured in action. In this adventure, Hardcase confronts this tragic past and returns to crime fighting, where he defeats a ruthless villain.
 System Requirements, Pricing
 CD-ROMIX! titles will be available in DOS MPC CD-ROM format at most computer and software retail stores, comic book stores and mass merchant outlets by the end of the year. A 386 or higher IBM or compatible computer with 2 MB of RAM; a VGA or SVGA monitor; and a sound card such as Sound Blaster or Pro Audio Spectrum 16 are required.
 Each title will have a suggested retail price of $24.95 and an average shelf price under $20.
 Company Backgrounds
 CD-ROMIX! titles are being jointly developed by Davidson & Associates and Malibu Comics. Malibu Comics, a division of Malibu Entertainment Inc., is based in Westlake Village, Calif. The company focuses on the creation, licensing and publishing of comic books properties, and has published hundreds of comics including their super- hero titles as well as licensed ones such as "Star Trek(R): Deep Space Nine(TM)."
 Davidson & Associates Inc. based in Torrance, is best known for its educational software such as "Math Blaster: In Search of Spot" and "Davidson's Kid Works 2." The company also offers text-to-speech technologies with its First Byte Division; school software distribution via the company's independently run Educational Resources division; entertainment software from affiliated label company members such as Maxis and 3DI Productions; and now innovative comic book creations with CD-ROMIX!.
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 /NOTE TO EDITORS: CD-ROMIX! will be previewed at COMDEX on Tuesday, Nov. 16 at Bally's 3rd floor of the Tracy Tower, Gable No. 5, with presentations on the hour between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Editors should call Linda Duttenhaver at 310-793-0600, ext. 230, to schedule an appointment. Others interested in seeing CD-ROMIX! at COMDEX should contact Gene Wilks at 310-793-0600, ext. 219./
 /CONTACT: Linda Duttenhaver of Davidson & Associates, 310-793-0600, ext. 230/

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