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CD-R multi-mastering system.

Ultera Systems has announced a CD-R mastering system capable of recording up to five CDs at a time. Called CD-R Multi-Master, the product consists of a highspeed controller with separate internal SCSI buses for as many as five CD-R drives. This parallel bus architecture allows all of the drives to run at full speed simultaneously.

Two-drive "mirroring" systems are expected to be used by financial institutions for making double-backup copies of transaction files.

Two- to five-drive systems can be used in distributing software, producing product line catalogs, sharing image files, and any other multicopy application where speed is important. And where very large numbers of copies are to be made, the Ultera system can be used with CD stackers of jukeboxes from other vendors.

The CD-R Multi-Master controller requires no device drivers or special software. Host systems see the CD-R cluster as a single SCSI device with one SCSI ID. The only difference is that up to five copies may be recorded in the time it takes to do one. (When necessary, each of the drives can also be addressed directly in a "pass-through" mode of operation.)

Knowledgeable end users and integrators may configure multi-mastering systems with their choice of compact disc drives, as the controller is easily capable of operating any available drives at full speed.

The CD-R Multi-Master itself is OEM priced at $4,000. Availability is immediate.

Ultera Systems designs and manufactures high-performance digital storage controllers, including RAID tape array and multi-CD-R controllers. Contact the company in Laguna Hills, CA, Phone: 714/367-8800, Fax: 714/367-0758, or e-mail:

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Title Annotation:Ultera Systems introduces CD-R Multi-Master
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Date:Jun 1, 1996
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