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The Magic Numbers: This Is A Song

If prizes were awarded for stating the obvious, then The Magic Numbers would have a rather full mantelpiece, one would imagine. So yes, it is indeed a song, but is it any good? Well, ultimately, not really. As a band they are hard to dislike, and this single is as melodic as ever and contains some highly agreeable male/female vocal interplay. However, it isn't anthemic, moving, feral, or even annoying enough to provoke much of a reaction from the listener, and this is why they couldn't call it This Is A Great Song.


Kelis: Lil Star

R&B sensation Kelis returns with a likeable track taken from her forthcoming third album. Featuring Cee Lo, thoughtful lyrics go hand in hand with cute harmonies, allowing this addictive effort to sound fresh and fun, with a hint of Outkast. Kelis has a always had a pleasant enough voice but previous releases such as Milkshake and Caught Out There ("I hate you so much right now! Aaargh!") aggravated me in a way only Hollyoaks can, but the American has altered her style and brought her music up to the next level with a much more mature, high-quality offering.


Klaxons: Golden Skans

This is rave that is too cool for sweat, too cool for alcohol-fuelled vomiting and far too cool for, well...anyone expecting a rave track, with its waves of choirboy panoramas and too much high-hat.


Lil Chris: Getting' Enough

All the factors point Lil Chris in the direction of a gladiatorial arena of bloodthirsty cynics, ready to tear yet another reality-show progeny limb from limb. Gene Simmon's favourite from the second series of Rock School is now living the dream, or rather has been thrown to the lions like a sacrificial lamb. Thing is, though, give it a listen and the single's rather good. It's a hilariously clever ode to raging adolescent hormones, catchy, with very respectable production, and dripping in chirpy schoolboy humour. That'll teach me to be cynical.


The Hedrons:Heatseeker

This snappy, likeable effort from the indie punk foursome is enough to warrant a fair amount of expectation from their forthcoming record. This Glasgow girl band seem full of energy and enthusiasm and 2007 could well be a breakthrough year for The Hedrons.

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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Article Type:Sound recording review
Date:Jan 17, 2007
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