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The Fall Fall Heads Roll (Slogan) Rating

THE Fall release another album, it is approaching 50 releases, and they tend to fall into only two camps these days, classic Fall or just all right but you easily pick up a better one. This one is sadly in the latter camp. Singer Mark E Smith's love affair with cheap sounding keyboards continues and that instantly dates the album to 10 years ago. It's still great fun and Smith does indie like nobody else. Its just there are 50 albums by the Fall now and this isn't their best. Go out and buy the Rough Trade Anthology or 50,000 Fall Fans Can't be Wrong for a better selection of the band's music

Tennant/Lowe Battleship Potemkin (EMI) Rating

IF YOU are going to buy something totally out of the ordinary, then look no further than this. It's a new soundtrack to the 1925 silent movie about a Russian revolt in 1905, with the music composed by the Pet Shop Boys of all people. It is not as bad as that sounds. It has a limited palette of sounds, mainly strings and keyboards, so as not to sound too overblown and it is suitably dark and moody. However, when Neil Tennant opens his mouth for one of the three pieces with vocals on, you will wish he suffered a similar fate to the officers of the Potemkin himself

Bonnie Raitt Souls Alike (Capitol) Rating

APPARENTLY, Bonnie Raitt is a Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Famer. I can only assume her own little shrine is somewhere tucked in near the back by the toilets, judging from Souls Alike. This, her 18th release, makes her sound increasingly like Shania Twain's mum and if that sound's promising then trust me it isn't. The LP is a tired, uninspiring trudge through 11 songs which are all in reality substandard B-sides rather than anything you would even consider putting on an album. To think that there was a time when country, and Bonnie, used to be good. But, oh, was that a long time ago now

Status Quo The Party Ain't Over Yet (Sanctuary) Rating

. . BUT, oh I wish it was. To mark four decades in the business, Status Quo have decided to release this album of newmaterial. Considering that they have made a career out of the same song in Rockin All Over The World, it is honourable that they released some new tracks. But, you really have to brace yourself for the sheer terribleness of them when you put this on. The vocal is tinny and too low on the mix, the guitar playing is average at best, and, guess what, the tracks sound a lot like Rockin All Over the World. Diabolical on very many levels, and quite possibly proof that Rock really is the devil's music
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Sep 16, 2005
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