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CCTV Applications/Sales Manual.

In the last few years the use of closed-circuit video equipment has increased dramatically, brought about partly by the decreasing price of video equipment along with the need for increased security.

Until recently the security industry has suffered from the lack of a comprehensive reference book that would serve as a one-stop source of information for both sales and technical personnel. The CCTV Applications/Sales Manual is just such a reference manual. In 14 chapters, it takes the reader from video theory through every aspect of the closed-circuit video system.

In one section, camera types are evaluated. One of the mysteries for novices in the CCTV field is the proper selection of lenses. Pierce not only explains the options available but also provides information to enable virtually anyone to master the selection process.

Too often basic video is explained with little time invested in discussing system power or the potential for ground loops that can totally disable the best system. These problems are covered. Power phasing problems are covered in another chapter. The reader can gain sufficient information to lay out small and medium systems after reading these sections.

The author gives a thorough explanation of time-lapse video recorders and their operation, a subject that questions are frequently asked about since time-lapse machines look externally similar to basic consumer machines, yet cost considerably more.

Every major item in a closed-circuit system is explained in detail with the last chapter devoted to site assessment. This chapter leads the reader through misconceptions and enables him or her to define the customer's needs.

Whether you are a beginner in CCTV or a seasoned professional, the CCTV Application/Sales Manual deserves a prominent place in your reference library.

Reviewer: Churchill S. Miller is the owner of Associated Systems, the manufacturers' representative agency he founded 20 years ago in Manchester, NH, for video and security systems. He is a member of ASIS.
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Author:Miller, Churchill S.
Publication:Security Management
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Date:Sep 1, 1992
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