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CCE programs.

MarineNet: The Marine Corps online learning network <> provides Marines with access to both military and civilian education programs. It contains libraries of exciting and challenging online courses accessible from any PC on base or through the Internet with high-speed access. MarineNet offers courses 24 hours a day, seven days a week and allows students to take tests online and receive credit. Information about available courses and learning resource center locations may be found on the CCE MarineNet site. Access to MarineNet courseware is available through the MarineNet Logon link.

Officer Professional Military Education Distance Education Program: The CCE offers the Command and Staff College and Expeditionary Warfare School Distance Education Seminar Programs <>. These evening seminar programs are managed by Regional Coordinators who oversee seven satellite campuses. Information about the various PME programs, program requirements, enrollment options, and options for completion may be found in the Students section. Marine Corps leaders seeking information for local PME sessions they are conducting may be interested in the student PME reference materials located in the reference materials section.

Learning Resource Centers/Deployable Learning Resource Centers (LRCs/DLRCs): These technology-enabled learning centers <> are stationed wherever Marines are training. The LRCs allow Marines who don't have a computer to access MarineNet. A deployable version of the LRC is currently being fielded at the MEF level so Marines can access courseware while aboard ship.

Video Teletraining (VTT): The Marine Corps Satellite Education Network (MCSEN) is a fielded network of VTT systems <> that provide Marines with the opportunity and flexibility to obtain training and off-duty education via distance learning.

Electronic Courseware Development: Using the latest educational technology, the CCE blends traditional paper-based courseware and standup instruction with electronic interactive multimedia instruction (IMI) <>. Educational studies have shown this type of instruction allows students to learn faster and with greater understanding. With the Training and Education Command (TECOM) Selection Board Worksheet, the CCE and its team of instructional system designers can build and blend electronic courseware to meet most current or future education or training needs.

Hosting: This term refers to the CCE's ability to distribute electronic training and education materials via MarineNet. Current CCE hosting services <> include distribution of online courses, electronic exams, and learning references. The CCE can host most types of electronic information that organizations would like to make available to all Marines worldwide.

For further information on the many different distance learning educational and training opportunities, contact the CCE main campus located at Marine Corps Base Quantico, Va., or call 1-800-992-9210.

Additional information, including student reference material, program documents, design references, computer requirements, and technical information is available on the CCE Reference Material page at <>.
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