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CCD-based spectrometers.

TE-cooled CCD-based spectrometers from Edmund Optics provide a high-performance solution for a variety of low light level detection and long-term monitoring applications. The units feature 2048 pixels and include a 16-bit digitizer for optimum resolution and flexibility with integration time. The USB 2.0/1.1 interface provides a convenient means for data collection. The TE cooler reduces the CCD temperature, decreasing dark noise, improves dynamic range, and offers long-term operation stability. A thermoelectric cooler (TEC) cools the CCD array, reducing the dark current, improving the signal-to-noise ratio, and enhancing the dynamic range and low light level detection limit. When the CCD is cooled by 7 C, the dark current is reduced by half, allowing the spectrometer to detect weak optical signals in low light level applications and making it suited for Raman spectroscopy. Edmund Optics, 800-363-1992


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Title Annotation:UPDATE ON Raman
Publication:Laboratory Equipment
Date:Mar 1, 2010
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