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Byline: By Jeremy Armstrong

AYOUNGvet killed herself withan overdose of a powerful drug used to put down animals.

Isabel Wallace, 26, connected a needle to an intravenousdripwhichfed a fatal dose of pentobarbitone into her bloodstream.

She had used the drug to kill cows during the foot-and-mouth disease crisis then turned it on herself when she became depressed about work.

A concerned colleague found her body connected up to the drip in her home.

Isabel, from Campbeltown, Argyll, was described as hard-working and outgoing.

But the vet, who qualified from Glasgow Veterinary Schoolin July 1999, had become depressed over her job, an inquest in Carlisle heard.

Her father, John Wallace, a farmer from Campbeltown, said: ''She worried a lot about her work.

''She told me about another vet at the practice who could do the job and then forget about it and not worry. She wished she could be like that.''

Colin Lindsay, director of the Capontree surgery in Brampton, Cumbria, where Isabel had worked since April 2001, described her as ''caring and diligent, well thought of by clients and colleagues alike''.

Last September 10, two colleaguescalled at herhome after she failed to attend work. Surgery receptionist Joanne Wigham said Isabel answered the door.

Joanne said: ''She looked as though she had just wokenup, dazed and confused.''

She offered to walk Isabel's dog or make her acup of coffee butshe said Isabel said she was fine and closed the door.

Still concerned, shecalled Isabel'sdoctor and then returned an hour later, when the tragedy was discovered.

Isabel, who had suffered epilepsy, was being treated for depression and had told her doctor of having suicidal thoughts.

Her last doctor's appointment was two days before her death, whensheseemed ''a little brighter'', with no suicidal intentions.

Recording a verdict that Isabel killed herself while suffering depression, the coroner said: ''It demonstrates clearly how cruel a condition depression can be.

''This was a young woman with a bright professional and personal future.

''The manner of her deathmust indicate she hadmade a decision to end her life.''


PLIGHT: Isabel killed herself after revealing her worries to her dad
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jan 23, 2004
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