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CATS update.


The table below lists the combined arms training strategies (CATSs)
for which the Collective Training Division, Directorate of Training
and Leader Development, U.S. Army Chemical, Biological,
Radiological, and Nuclear School (USACBRNS), is responsible.

Unit Title                            TOE/TDA     Date Published
                                      Number      to DTMS

CBRNE Operational Headquarters        37800R000   20 February 2014
Nuclear Disablement Team              37507R000   20 February 2014
WMD Coordination Element              37517R100   20 February 2014
CBRN Brigade                          03492R000   26 March 2014
CBRN Battalion                        03496R000   19 February 2014
CBRNE Battalion (Technical Escort)    03636R000   19 February 2014
CBRN Company (Area Support)           03420R300   19 February 2014
CBRN Company (Biological)             03470R000   19 February 2014
CBRN Company (Maneuver Support)       03410R000   7 January 2014
CBRN Company (Obscuration)            03440R100   19 February 2014
CBRN Coordination Element             03579RA00   21 February 2014
CBRN Reconnaissance Detachment        03529R000   19 February 2014
CBRNE Company (Technical Escort)      03530R000   19 February 2014
WMD-Civil Support Team                300627-35   20 May 2014


CBRN--chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear

CBRNE--chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosives

DTMS--Digital Training Management System

TDA--table of distribution and allowances

TOE--table of organization and equipment

WMD--weapons of mass destruction

Note: CATSs are reviewed and updated on an annual basis to
ensure that they include unit input and remain current.


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Publication:CML Army Chemical Review
Date:Jun 22, 2014
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