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 COLUMBUS, Ohio, Aug. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Mildred Bernhagen, of Naperville, Ill., has been named the Grand Prize Winner of the national Hamburger Recipe Contest sponsored by White Castle System, Inc. The winning recipe, "Castle Enchiladas," a tasty south-of-the-border creation using ten White Castle hamburgers, was chosen by judges on Wednesday, Aug. 11, at the company's corporate headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. Bernhagen receives a sack of 10 White Castle hamburgers each week for one year as her grand prize.
 Over 380 White Castle lovers across the country submitted recipes for the contest which was held in conjunction with National Hamburger Month, May 1-31, 1993. Until the contest deadline on July 1, recipes arrived daily at White Castle for a variety of dishes such as tacos, casseroles, quiches, meat loaf, chili and more. The only contest requirement was that each recipe include 10 White Castle hamburgers.
 A panel of four judges, comprised of local food critics and personalities and including Alice Ingram, granddaughter of White Castle's founder, Billy Ingram, also selected nine runner-up winners. These included "Manicastles" by Mary Jo Marquis of St. Louis; "White Castle Pizza" by Harold & Jean Sims of Plantation, Fla.; "Scrumptious King's Delite" by Tamula M. Tucker of Louisville, Ky.; "Company Eggs Foo Young" by Dean Baldwin of Erie, Pa.; "White Castle Asparagus Melt" by Kevin Jude of St. Louis; "White Castle Barbecue Beef Casserole" by Carol Krueger of Hickory Hills, Ill.; "Castle Sorrel" by Stan Nikonowicz of Defiance, Mo.; "Castle Quiche" by Peg and John Baird of Norwalk, Ohio; and "Spinich Hamburger Lasagna" by Julie Sherbondy of Dillon, Colo. Each runner-up winner will receive a sack of 10 White Castle hamburgers.
 "Mrs. Bernhagen, with her 'Castle Enchiladas,' has shown us a delicious new way to enjoy White Castle hamburgers," said Kim Bartley, White Castle's director of marketing. "We were very impressed with the creativity that we saw in each recipe from so many people across the country."
 All 1993 winning recipes, plus last year's champion recipe, "Broccoli Castlerole," and White Castle's famous Turkey Stuffing Recipe will be published in a cookbooklet later this year. The Third Annual Recipe Contest is already being planned. CASTLE ENCHILADAS
 10 White Castle hamburgers;
 8 oz. sour cream;
 4 oz. shredded cheddar cheese;
 1 pkg. taco seasoning mix;
 3 Tbsp. chopped parsley;
 1/2 can small, sliced black olives;
 1 16-oz. jar salsa.
 Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Mix sour cream, 2 oz. shredded cheese and chopped parsley. Prepare taco seasoning mix according to package directions. Place 10 hamburgers in two side-by-side rows of five each in bottom of 8" X 12" glass dish sprayed with Pam(R). Remove top bun of each hamburger and spoon sour cream mixture on top of each burger. Cover with top of buns. Any sour cream mix can be added between or around the hamburgers. Spoon prepared taco seasoning sauce over each. Spoon or pour salsa over and around the hamburgers. Top with remaining shredded cheese. Dot top with cut black olive slices. Bake at 325 degrees for 25-30 minutes.
 Castle cooks came from 30 states, between the ages of 12 and 71. The breakdown by state is the following:
 Ill., 46; Ohio, 45; Ind., 38; N.Y., 33; Minn., 33; Mo., 33; Ky., 28; N.J., 23; Mich., 21; Pa., 21; Fla., 10; Colo., 9; Calif., 8; Nev., 7; Okla., 4; Kan., 3; Tenn., 3; Texas, 3; Ark., 2; Ariz., 2; N.C., 2; Va., 2; Wis., 2; Iowa, 1; Idaho, 1; La., 1; Mass., 1; Md., 1; Miss., 1; Ore., 1.

 1. "Walking Slyder" - Chop up 10 White Castle hamburgers and an order of White Castle French fries. Add cheese sauce and ketchup. Layer this combination in a waffle cone, and walk around enjoying your White Castle meal. (Amy Jackson & co-workers - Lake Bluff, Ill.)
 2. "Dessert Slyder Surprise" - Coat 10 White Castle hamburgers with dark chocolate, insert a popsicle stick and freeze. (Amy Jackson & co- workers - Lake Bluff, Ill.)
 3. "My White Castle Masterpiece - Hawaiian Hamburgers" - Take a sack of 10 White Castles and add Swiss cheese, pineapple chunks, and coconut. (Marcella E. Strand - Minneapolis)
 4. "Christmas Slyders" - Varnish Slyders and use as Christmas ornaments. (Amy Jackson & co-workers - Lake Bluff, Ill.)
 5. "Take 2 hands and 1 mouth. Pick up White Castle hamburgers and eat them. The results - yum, yum!" (Ann Luongo - West Orange, N.J.)

 Along with odd combinations, White Castle also received some recipes to be considered "gourmet." Some included "Red Castle Chowder with Castle Croutons," "Castle Cordon Bleu" and "Castle Curry with Savory Bread Pudding." (Dara Torolli - Worthington, Ohio)

 -- "Scrumptious King's Delite" (Tamula M. Tucker - Louisville, Ky.)
 -- "Prince Orloff's Castles" (Dara Torolli - Worthington, Ohio)
 -- "Cheese Castle's Royale" (Pat Schlenk - Maryland Heights, Mo.)
 -- "White Castle 'Prince' Tacos" (Connie Snyder - Hammond, Ind.)
 -- "Castles of Florence" (Henry Siegel - Seminole, Fla.)

 -- "White Castle Wack 'Um Sack 'Em Barbecue Balls" (Carolyn Le Beau,
 GM Tech Center - Warren, Mich.)
 -- "Beef Birds" (Dolores Drew - Whiting, Ind.)
 -- "Jolly Joustburgers" (Judith Toubes - Pembroke Pines, Fla.)
 -- "The No Hassle White Castle" (Eileen Scramuzzo - Chicago)
 -- "Rabbit Transit Via White Castle" (Henry Siegel - Seminole, Fla.)
 -- "Classic Cubes in Cheese" (Mrs. Earl Duffin - Portage, Ind.)

 1. Office workers from Lake Bluff, Ill., entered 20 recipes created during their lunch hour. Some included the Walking Slyder, Dessert Slyder Surprise, and Christmas Slyders (described earlier).
 2. Workers at the General Motors Tech Center in Warren, Mich., submitted individual entries such as Castleza (Linda Lipowski), Hamburger Salad (Janice H. Haydel), and White Castle Lo Mien (Richard Hamet).

 One recipe contestant wrote that White Castles are better than a T-bone steak! (Joyce Moffat - Edina, Minn.)
 Another wrote that White Castle is near and dear to the heart and has the best burgers anywhere ... better than Wendy's, McDonald's and Burger King's! (Eugenia M. Krauser - Flushing, N.Y.) LEAVE WHITE CASTLES "UNTAMPERED?"
 Several respondents said that although the recipe contest is interesting, they consider tampering with a White Castle to be a "gross offense." "To tamper with a White Castle? For shame." (Jean Morgan Mills - Alhambra, Calif.)
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 CONTACT: Kim Bartley, director of marketing, White Castle System, Inc., 614-228-5781, ext. 684 CO: WHITE CASTLE SYSTEM, INC. IN: LEI ST: OH

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