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CAST, Set America Free Call for Hybrid Tax Incentives.

The Tarrytown, NY-based Coalition Advocating for Smart Transportation (CAST) recently announced its newest member -- Set America Free, "a leading bipartisan energy security group that works to free the United States from oil dependence."

As Congress considers the 2005 Energy Bill, CAST noted that Set America Free has joined the coalition in advocating for tax incentives to encourage the use of hybrid electric vehicles and other alternative vehicle technologies.

"At this point, conservation alone won't solve our acute energy problems," said Set America Free co-chair Gal Luft. "CAST and Set America Free independently came to the same conclusion -- technology is the solution. We have the means to cure petroleum use -- and for America's long-term national security, economic prosperity and environmental health, we need to think out of the barrel and move from oil to smart technology."

Contact: Marie Ewald, CAST, phone 917-438-4624, website

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Title Annotation:Coalition Advocating for Smart Transportation
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Date:Jul 19, 2005
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