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 MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Aug. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Silicon Graphics Inc. (NYSE: SGI) today announced an enhanced CASEVision(TM)/WorkShop development environment that expands programmer productivity through an unparalleled visual paradigm based on the latest graphical technologies. Silicon Graphics also announced the Indy(TM) DevStation, an integrated software development platform combining the CASEVision environment with Indy, Silicon Graphics' new desktop system. The Indy DevStation provides the industry's most powerful UNIX(R) software development solution priced under $6,000.
 The new software announcement includes WorkShop 2.0 and four optional WorkShop modules delivering such capabilities as advanced C++ support, a 3D array visualizer and the first complete multiprocessor development solution in a UNIX environment. The WorkShop 2.0 environment provides powerful visual analysis tools and seamless integration between a full suite of CASEVision products, while the new modules radically reduce the programming complexities inherent to multiprocessing and object-oriented development.
 "Silicon Graphics is committed to leading the technical CASE market with exceptional development tools that manage increasing software design complexities," said Way Ting, general manger of Silicon Graphics' Visual Magic Division. "This new environment incorporates next- generation technology, substantially advancing the way programmers develop software. The power of these tools, coupled with the unparalleled price and performance of the Indy DevStation, makes Silicon Graphics' CASE offering the industry's most complete, leading-edge software development solution."
 Providing an optimal CASEVision platform, the Indy desktop system starts at $4,995 and packs more interactive media, visual computing and workgroup collaboration capabilities into a PC-priced system than any other computer in history. The new Indy DevStation non-discountable configuration includes a 340 MB disk, the IRIS(R) Development Option suite of libraries and ANSI C compiler and CASEVision/WorkShop for under $6,000.
 CASEVision/WorkShop includes a Static Analyzer, visual source-level Debugger, Performance Analyzer and Build Manager. WorkShop 2.0 enhancements resolve analysis and debugging challenges in all leading programming languages:
 -- Industry's first 3-D Array Visualizer which provides a powerful visual interface that displays errors and problems in large amounts of data
 -- Powerful expression evaluator that supports FORTRAN, C and C++ expressions
 -- Dynamic build and incremental linking for faster turnaround
 -- Enhanced Static Analyzer that supports complex FORTRAN, C and C++ queries
 -- Increased Performance Analyzer functionality through a new task-oriented, intuitive user-interface
 -- Tighter integration with ClearCase, RCS and SCCS through the new Project View.
 In addition, four CASEVision modules are layered on WorkShop 2.0, and can be ordered as a bundle or added to an existing WorkShop 2.0 environment.
 -- CASEVision/WorkShop Pro C is an interpreter for C that integrates with WorkShop's debugger, supports all debugger views, and promotes rapid development and fast turnaround. (List price: $1,000)
 -- CASEVision/WorkShop Pro C++ includes an interpreter for rapid development and fast turnaround, a class browser, the Delta/C++ native compiler that provides flexible shared library updating, Smart Build functionality for faster builds and the ViewKit object-oriented application framework for Motif user interface development. (List price: $3,000)
 -- CASEVision/WorkShop Pro MPF, the only visual parallel analyzer, runs on any Silicon Graphics' system and is tightly integrated into the WorkShop performance analyzer to support code that has been parallelized with the Power FORTRAN analyzer. (List price: $3,500)
 -- CASEVision/WorkShop Tester is a suite of graphical Coverage Analysis tools that determine the efficacy of the software test suites and identify areas of insufficient coverage. (List price: $1,000)
 Shipping in September 1993, WorkShop 2.0 lists for $2,000 for a fixed license on a single development workstation, or $2,200 for a concurrent-access license.
 -0- 8/30/93
 /CONTACT: Ginny Babbitt of Silicon Graphics, 415-390-2527/

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