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CAS executive report, SURVIAC promotional material available.

CAS Executive Report, SURVIAC Promotional Material Available

Three new resources are available from the Survivability/Vulnerability Information Analysis Center (SURVIAC): a newly produced video and an updated brochure on SURVIAC itself; a video on designing aircraft for survivability; and "The Executive Summary Report for the Comparative Close Air Support Aircraft Vulnerability Analysis."

SURVIAC is a DOD information analysis center serving government and industry in the acquisition, evaluation, analysis and dissemination of information on weapon system nonnuclear survivability, vulnerability and susceptibility and on munitions effectiveness. The 12-minute "biographical" video describes SURVIAC's functions, services and products while illustrating how it works with survivability and lethality communities to meet critical needs. The videotape is available on loan in 0.5-in. and 0.75-in. versions.

The companion brochure is an update of the SURVIAC brochure produced over two years ago. It describes SURVIAC's libraries, data bases and models while demonstrating how to use the center's offerings. The brochures are free upon request. The videotape and brochures can be obtained by writing to WRDC/FIVS/SURVIAC, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH, 45433-6553 or calling (513) 255-4840.

The Survivability/Vulnerability Group of Boeing Advanced Systems has available through SURVIAC a limited number of videos and pamphlets dealing with designing aircraft for survivability. The video and two-volume design guide were produced to help aircraft designers grasp the available vulnerability reduction techniques. The video and literature are illustrated for easy reference and are not intended to give detailed information but to make the user aware of potential design solutions. For a 30-day loan of the video, contact Sue Green at (513) 255-4840. To purchase the video, contact J.J. Childress or R.J. Bristow at the Survivability/Vulnerability Group, Boeing Advanced Systems, MS 33-04, P.O. Box 3707, Seattle, WA, 98124-2207.

"The Executive Summary Report for the Comparative Close Air Support Aircraft Vulnerability Analysis," initiated by the deputy undersecretary of defense and sponsored by the JTCG/AS, is available to qualified government personnel. The study looks at five CAS aircraft currently fielded and derivatives of four of these aircraft. Its purpose is to provide senior DOD officers with a color summary and a results comparison of the vulnerability analyses and to assess systematically a range of threats on CAS aircraft by using a common set of standards. These results have been presented in several briefings, beginning with the A-Kill Analysis results and culminating with the Denial Kill Analysis results.

The report establishes a data base of vulnerability information relative to small arms, automatic weapons and shoulder-fired missiles. It also includes the study approach to the vulnerability assessment of the nine aircraft, the vulnerability assessment standards and methodology used, measures of merit, basic threat information, the A-Kill level results and comparison, Mission Denial Kill results and comparison, summary and recommendations.

The executive summary contains proprietary information and critical technology not releasable to contractors. SURVIAC needs authorization from the study sponsor to release the documents.

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Title Annotation:close air support; Survivability/Vulnerability Information Analysis Center offering information on weapons systems
Publication:Journal of Electronic Defense
Date:Sep 1, 1989
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