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Look forward, backward, up, down, and diagonally to find the words in capital letters. Cross the words off the list. After all the words are found, the remaining letters will spell something relating to cartoon characters.

WOODY woodpecker  DINO
MICKEY mouse      DALE
DAFFY duck        PORKY
SNOOPY            CALVIN
DUMBO             JECKLE
PIGLET            HECKLE
KANGA             HECKLE
GOOFY             TOP CAT
PLUTO             GUS goose
BAMBI             DAISY duck
HUEY              WOODSTOCK
ARLO              MINNIE mouse
TOM               WINNIE THE POOH

W  O  O  D  Y  O  G  I  B  E  A  R  W  M
O  I  H  R  A  K  N  Y  O  Y  I  S  I  A
O  R  N  Y  E  L  R  I  E  O  F  C  U  R
D  R  E  N  W  P  E  O  D  U  K  F  K  M
S  A  F  M  I  A  M  E  P  E  H  V  A  A
T  N  I  O  L  E  W  U  Y  L  D  M  N  D
O  P  O  S  L  E  T  N  H  R  U  O  G  U
C  I  Y  O  Y  I  J  H  J  T  M  T  A  K
K  G  F  T  P  U  I  E  E  O  B  E  O  E
I  L  O  E  B  Y  V  C  R  P  O  I  G  I
B  E  O  S  C  H  L  K  R  C  O  U  A  N
M  T  G  O  L  R  A  L  Y  A  S  O  R  N
A  U  A  E  L  K  C  E  J  T  C  L  H  I
B  U  L  L  W  I  N  K  L  E  T  E  R  M

by Gertrude Knabbe

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Author:Knabbe, Gertrude
Publication:Fun For Kidz
Date:Jan 1, 2020
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