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CAROLE MALONE: Blair must blitz terrorists NOW.


TWO bomb outrages in two weeks and what is our Government's response? Well, once they'd taken into account the full gravity of the situation and looked at the horrific implications for all Londoners, they did a Cliff Richard - and bogged off on their Summer Holidays.

EIGHTY bloody days of them to be precise.

It's staggering enough they even contemplated shutting up shop after the 7/7 outrage but then the second one, coupled with the public shooting of a terrorist, should have been enough for Mr Blair to cancel his annual jaunt to the Tuscan sun, recall Parliament and work out how to keep this country and its people safe.

Because the alternative is too horrific to contemplate. The spectre of hordes of suicide bombers is bad enough but if the fall-out from that has to be handled by John Prescott - we're doomed.

And for those who haven't realised it yet, the fact that Parliament doesn't sit again until October 10 means that the new anti-terror laws - as paltry as they are - can't be passed until Parliament reconvenes.

That means al-Qaeda UK can carry on plotting our annihilation safe in the knowledge that the entire British Government is on its jollies.

I'm sorry, but it's just not good enough. Yes, shooting dead a terrorist is a blinding start (and please let's not have the human rights mob screaming about that).

It's all very well Tony Blair standing up all statesman-like telling us terror will never win. It's all very well Charles Clarke proclaiming that the Government will be bringing in new measures to keep us safe. But so far it's all just rhetoric - and while the politicians talk the British people are being threatened with death on a daily basis.

Perhaps the Government - like the rest of us - thought we'd had our dose of terrorist medicine two weeks ago and we could just sit back, relax and rejoice in our stoicism.

Well Thursday's bombs blew that theory out of the water. We're in this for the long haul but, so far, nothing has changed.

Ken Livingstone is still excusing and defending terror attacks (he has a track record of defending the IRA as well as suicide bombers). Radical cleric Omar Bakri is still driving around in his pounds 38,000 Galaxy (funded by taxpayers) insisting publicly that he wouldn't tell police even if he knew extremists were planning suicide attacks.

Of the 283,000 bogus asylum seekers in Britain, the Government admits it's lost track of 128,500 - and how many extremists are there in that little lot I wonder? And the anti-terror laws we already have are not being enforced for fear of causing offence.

We were bloody lucky last week yet still nothing concrete is being done to lessen the chances of it happening again.

Don't get me wrong - our police, secret services and emergency services are working flat-out to try and stop these murdering bastards, but they're being hampered by a Government that even now is too tame and too scared to fight the terrorists head-on.

Tony Blair may fancifully think his standing as PM has risen since those first bombs two weeks ago but it's going to plummet pretty damn quick if he doesn't do more than a bit of eloquent grandstanding.

Talk needs to be turned into action fast, because, if it isn't, Britain will descend into chaos. But until Blair stops insisting these bombs have nothing to do with Iraq and until the Muslim leaders stop bleating that what the terrorists are doing has nothing to do with Islam, we will remain a country in denial and in mortal danger.

As a country we need to see our Prime Minster acting decisively and the first thing we need him to do is deport ALL the preachers of hate. What we don't need is to hear him say he can't do that because the country we're sending them back to believes in the death penalty. Quite frankly, who gives a toss?

We also want to see him stick two fingers up at the Human Rights Act, telling the world loudly and clearly that the rights of the British people to live without the fear of being blown to bits is a damn sight more important than the rights of some rabid, foaming-at-the mouth extremist cleric. (How is it that other countries manage to jail and expel agitators yet Britain can't?)

We want to see this Government taking back control of our borders so that those who wish us harm can no longer just stroll in with dodgy papers and a sob story. We want to see political correctness concerning any religion or race stamped out once and for all and we want to see the anti-terror laws we already have being enforced with gusto - not in the-limp wristed way they have been.

Moreover, we want all of that before we're hit by yet another bomb - because, make no mistake, there are more coming.

And when that happens, if Blair is still just talking, people will take the law into their own hands and the nightmare of retribution - he keeps saying we must avoid at all costs - will become unavoidable.

NB: As for Met Police chief Ian Blair saying any death - including the death of a terrorist - is "regrettable"... no, it bloody well isn't!


Omar Bakri Mohammad blames London bombs on UK Government
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jul 24, 2005
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