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Carl Zeiss, Thornwood, N,Y., has introduced the Axio Lab.A1 microscope for examinations in reflected light in the materials sciences. It's particularly intuitive operation makes this upright microscope suitable for routine lab applications in metallography, quality control and for inspection tasks in production lines. This permits microscopic examinations of metallographic specimens and samples made of polymers or other materials. The Axio Lab.A1 can be used to determine not only the structure and surface quality of specimens, but also cracks or impurities.

The benefit of this microscope for industrial applications is the 50 watt halogen illumination. This halogen bulb is excellently suited not only for brightfield reflected light but especially for darkfield and differential interference contrast in circularly polarized light (C-DIC) as well as Polarized light. These contrasting techniques require a large amount of light. The interference contrast in particular is unique in this class and offers additional information about the sample, e.g. tiny defects or scratches that are not visible in brightfield or darkfield applications. The 22 millimeter field of view offers the user optimal visibility of the sample.

All objective lenses in the standard magnification series are accommodated on a 5-position turret so that no change is necessary during work. The Axio Lab.A1 also includes a 4-position reflector turret and a large selection of binocular photo and ergonomic tubes. The ergonomic compact design and easy, intuitive operation are special benefits not only for daily routine, but also for training and education.

The microscope system can be used with traditional cameras, with all cameras in the AxioCam line, particularly with the attractively-priced AxioCam ERc 5s, and with AxioVision image processing software.

The Axio Lab.A1 microscope for materials microscopy is especially suitable for routine lab applications in metallography, quality control and for inspection tasks in the production line.

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About Carl Zeiss

Carl Zeiss MicroImaging, Inc., a subsidiary of Carl Zeiss, Inc., offers microscopy solutions and systems for research, laboratories, routine and industrial applications. In addition, Carl Zeiss MicroImaging markets microscopy and digital pathology systems for the clinical market, as well as spectral sensors for industrial and pharmaceutical applications. Since1846, Carl Zeiss has remained committed to enabling science and technology to go beyond what man can see. Today, Carl Zeiss is a global leader in the optical and opto-electronic industries.

With 11,249 current employees in the Group and offices in over 30 countries, Carl Zeiss is represented in more than 100 countries with production centers in Europe, North America, Central America and Asia.

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Date:Jun 29, 2010

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