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CARING Board of Directors meeting report April 26, 2003.

The CARING Board of Directors (BOD) met on 26 April following the Annual Meeting. A synopsis of what was discussed will be given here.

Election of Officers

The meeting started with a call for nominations for the four elected BOD Officers: President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. Voting was conducted via the Internet, since not all BOD members were in attendance, and the following members of the BOD have been elected:

President--Marina Douglas

Vice President--Caterina Lasome

Treasurer--Kim Davis

Secretary--Nicole Kerkenbush

Goals for 2003-2004

Following the nomination process the BOD discussed our goals for the coming year. These focused on Professional Development, the CARING Newsletter, Membership and the CARING Website.

Professional Development

CARING will hold four events during the next year with two being educational sessions. Meetings will be held in September 2003, January 2004, and April 2004. There will also be CARING events at the Summer Institute in Nursing Informatics at University of Maryland in July 2003 as well as at the American Medical Informatics Association meeting in Washington, DC in November 2003. The BOD is also working to establish scholarship opportunities for active members. Look for more information on this exciting topic in future newsletters! Finally, the Job Bank was discussed. See the article addressing this topic.

CARING Newsletter

Members will receive four CARING newsletters during the 2003-2004 membership year. The newsletters will be posted on the web site near the time of publication.


CARING is proud to have over 725 members in 49 states/territories and 13 countries. The BOD discussed the desire to maintain the membership database on the CARING website for more accessibility by CARING members, and Sheryl Taylor volunteered to head up a group to examine this opportunity. In response to discussion on the CARING e-mail list regarding the numerous informatics organizations and how CARING can work with these groups to best meet the needs of informatics nurses a task force was formed to examine this issue. As part of this endeavor Caterina Lasome, Susan Newbold, and Nicole Kerkenbush attended the first meeting of The Nursing Informatics Collaboration Task Force in February 2003 at the Annual HIMSS meeting in San Diego, CA. Members from AMIA, HIMSS, MANI, and DVNCN also attended. The purpose of the meeting was to explore the overarching needs of the nursing informatics community and how the major professional organizations could better collaborate to meet those needs. Minutes from the meeting will be shared with the group after they have been distributed to the attendees. Comments and suggestions for next steps will be solicited from the CARING BOD for input into future discussions.


The BOD would like to work on expanding the amount of content on the CARING website. This will be something for all of us to continue to discuss and work on during the coming year.

If any members have comments or are interested in working with the BOD on any of the topics discussed here, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the BOD. We look forward to serving the CARING membership during the next year and working to make CARING an even better organization than it already is.

By Nicole Kerkenbush BSN, RN
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Date:Jun 22, 2003
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