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 WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif., Jan. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Donna Riley always

wanted to go to Hawaii on her honeymoon. And, when she and Jeff Stone married last summer, that is where they went. She reports that the week-long idyll was everything she thought it would be.
 "We went to Maui and stayed at one of the cottages at the Royal Lahaina Resort on Kaanapali Beach. I would recommend Maui to anyone. It is quiet and relaxing, yet there are lots of things to do," says the new Mrs. Riley-Stone.
 One of the couple's favorite activities was strolling along the beach at night, something Donna, as a native Californian used to cool evenings, found to be a new experience and an extraordinarily romantic one. They also snorkeled both at the resort's beach and at the well- known Black Rock Promontory. And they delighted in the resort's luau, held beachside. "One of the performers was dancing with the sun setting behind her, and it created an unforgettable image," she says.
 Donna's desire to go to Hawaii began when she was attending travel agent school. "I learned a lot about Hawaii, saw lots of pictures of the islands, and just decided I wanted to spend my honeymoon there," she explains. And even though neither she nor Jeff had been there before, they were well prepared. They knew what they were looking for and they planned for it.
 Careful planning is always an important prerequisite for travel, but never more so than when preparing for a honeymoon. It is such a special event that a missed flight connection or disappointing accommodations take on greater degrees of unhappiness than they ordinarily would. Yet, with all of the bustle surrounding the wedding, plans for the honeymoon are sometimes given scant attention.
 Pleasant Hawaiian Holidays, a company concentrating on travel to Hawaii for more than 30 years, offers special honeymoon holidays, which can help to make planning easier. In addition to providing accommodations at a wide range of resorts, a rental car or round trip private car transfers, and such amenities as a deluxe flower lei greeting, a tropical fruit basket, a chilled bottle of wine and a full room-service breakfast for two, the honeymoon holidays also can include airfare. Thus, one call or visit to a travel agent could eliminate the potential hassle of honeymoon planning.
 Some honeymooners might prefer a regular Pleasant Hawaiian Holiday, which can be tailored to each couple's specifications, but would not offer all of the honeymoon extras. It, too, would make preparations smoother.
 Even with the ease of selecting a Pleasant Hawaiian Holiday, it is wise to also discuss plans with a travel agent, who can answer questions, supply informative brochures and explain the nuances of travel -- for there is more to it than picking the destination.
 Hawaii is one of the most popular locales for honeymoons. And it is becoming more popular. During the first nine months of last year, more than a quarter of a million newlyweds spent the early days of their marriages there, an increase of 10 percent over 1990. Statistics from Modern Bride indicate that honeymooners who leave the continental United States prefer Hawaii over any other location. Its studies go on to say that in the past 13 years percentages of winter honeymooners in Hawaii have almost quadrupled, while fall honeymoons on the islands have more than tripled. And the percentages of spring and summer newlyweds on the islands have more than doubled.
 It is easy to see why the Hawaiian Islands are so attractive to honeymooners (and other travelers). With its tropical, sultry climate, warm cerulean waters, lush greenery, multi-colored flora, swaying palms and floral-scented air, Hawaii is truly America's paradise.
 But there are six major islands, and while all are exotically beautiful, each is different. Therefore, it is important for honeymooners to decide whether they want the relaxing, balanced ambience that Maui and Kauai offer, the non-stop activity that is available on Waikiki, the contrasts and ecological opportunities of the Big Island of Hawaii, the rural essence of old Hawaii on Molokai or the limited, yet upscale lodging on Lanai. Or a combination.
 All the islands do offer a variety of water sports, fishing, hiking, restaurants and dining and entertainment.
 Yet for those to whom Diamond Head on Waikiki Beach has always been the identifying image of Hawaii, it would be a disappointment not to see it. And, for those who want to see Pearl Harbor and the Arizona Memorial as well as other historical sites, Oahu is the place to visit -- as it should be for anyone wanting to take in the exciting hub of Honolulu and Waikiki with the wide variety of hotels, restaurants and shops there.
 But if relaxation, walks along the beach, swimming, snorkeling and the quiet wonder of rainbows flitting serendipitously across the sky seem more appropriate then Maui offers a perfect destination.
 To the ecologically minded, the Big Island of Hawaii is a treasure. It is a land of contrasts: lush greenery and waterfalls, ranch land, fields of lava and an active volcano. And Kauai, with the sunny south shore of Poipu Beach and its many resorts, north shore of lush, incomparable beauty and a central coast with the look of a coconut plantation, is a microcosm of all that Hawaii offers.
 Hard to make a choice? Yes, but learning as much as possible about what each island offers and combining the information with the couple's interests should be a guideline for honeymooners. It may be that visits to more than one or two islands is necessary to achieve the criteria, but the end result will be a more satisfying, happier trip.
 Planning for appropriate accommodations is also important. Hawaii has an abundance of hotels, resorts and condominiums. There are sufficient choices to please any taste and budget. But newlyweds who opt for an economy holiday might be surprised when they arrive at their hotel to find that their room has only twin beds and no view. To avoid such a situation, they should find out from their travel agent what kind of room they will be getting with their holiday program. It may cost only a bit more to reserve a view room with a double, queen or king- sized bed. Needless to say, all of the accommodations in Pleasant Hawaiian's Honeymoon Holidays have appropriate furnishings.
 Honeymoons should create wonderful, pleasant memories. A Hawaiian honeymoon will do that, especially if the newlyweds have attended to necessary details. If they have, they, like Donna and Jeff Stone, will be unhappy only when they have to leave. She recalls that on their last night on Maui, they saw a couple just arriving and they wished it were they. "We were so depressed when we had to leave," she says. But, she adds that they consoled themselves by saying that they would return. After all, aloha not only means "goodbye," it also means "hello." Aloha.
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