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Cardiff Software, Inc. has unveiled new versions of PDF+Forms, the eForms Warehouse solution that was developed in cooperation with Adobe Systems. PDF+Forms v1.1 adds native support for Adobe ePaper, and has built-in support for XML schema and data transfer. The product enables online digital forms using the Adobe PDF standard to connect directly with XML server applications, as well as to Microsoft BizTalk and HP's e-Speak XML systems.

"The ability to utilize electronic forms for gathering and disseminating data is of utmost importance to many organizations," said Mark Royle, senior marketing manager, ePaper Solutions Group, Adobe Systems Incorporated. "Adobe PDF has proven to be an important technology in that regard, and XML is gaining momentum within the industry. We are pleased that Cardiff is integrating the latest technology developments into PDF+Forms."

PDF+Forms has gained wide adoption within organizations already investing in using the Internet to improve business processes, eForm Warehouses servicing corporate, healthcare, medical claims, finance and government markets.

The eForms Warehouse allows organizations to put line-of-business forms online, while maintaining the look of paper forms. Users can print-on-demand, or complete forms online. In both cases, completed form data is automatically collected, verified and processed into data-driven applications, with Adobe ePaper versions stored for later use online. By implementing the eForms Warehouse, organizations can save up to $150 per form transaction, and have instant access to completed forms for management and customer service functions.

A PDF+Forms-based eForms Warehouse is typically hosted within Web servers or knowledge management systems, but can also be implemented within Microsoft Windows 2000 and Outlook/Exchange, or Lotus Notes/Domino. Cardiff eForms Warehouse solutions support heterogeneous environments through its Connect Agent technology, allowing form delivery, data processing and completed form archive to be implemented on different platforms. Cardiff offers HTML+Forms for eForm Warehouse's that require HTML form support.

In related news, Open Text Corporation has agreed to resell PDF+Forms for Livelink, a custom version of the eForms Warehouse product that is tightly integrated with Open Text's Livelink knowledge sharing and collaboration product. Also MosaicSoft has agreed to license PDF+Forms for DocSmart, a custom version of the product that is integrated with the DocSmart content management and collaboration product.

More About the eForms Warehouse

PDF+Forms allows nearly every Web server, group-ware, document management and knowledge sharing product to host an eForms Warehouse. Because Adobe PDF is workflow and platform independent, forms created in PDF+Forms can even be distributed and collected over email systems.

The complete eForms Warehouse includes PDF+Forms, HTML+Forms, and the Cardiff TELEform data collection and processing server. TELEform provides server-side data validation, processing and export to database and XML applications, and is used to publish digital copies of completed forms for later use. The TELEform server also supports the automatic processing of paper forms and documents, with robust capture and recognition capabilities. More information on the eForms Warehouse can be found at

Availability and Pricing

The TELEform, HTML+Forms and PDF+Forms eForm Warehouse(TM) Solutions are available now from Cardiff Software and its network of reseller partners starting at under $5,000 per server, which includes support for unlimited client seats and eForm publishing. For users who need to support advanced features, including digital signatures, Cardiff offers multi-seat pricing for Adobe Acrobat. Cardiff Software sales can be reached at or by calling +1 760-936-4500.

About Cardiff Software

Cardiff Software is the leading supplier of applications that automate manual business processes and convert paper into digital information. Cardiff's products are used by over 20,000 organizations worldwide to put paper forms and documents online, and to convert paper forms into business data for database and back office applications. Cardiff Software products are available from Cardiff Europe and more than 75 distributors and 1,100 certified resellers worldwide. For more information on Cardiff Software products, please visit

Cardiff Software, Connect Agent, eForms Warehouse, OnRamp, and TELEform are registered trademarks of Cardiff Software, Inc. All other trademarks belong to their respective owners.

For more information, call 800-758-1785.
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