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CARBO ACCUCAST[R] synthetic ceramic molding media improves casting quality and operation.

USER--Foundries using various casting processes, including Lost Foam, V-Process, No-Bake, replacing silica and specialty sands as backing or core molding material.

OPERATION--Jobbing, captive high volume automotive and marine foundries pouring aluminum, grey and ductile iron. Producing automotive and marine castings, fork-lift counterweights, motor-house casings, valve plates, fuel pump housings, compressor casings and heating manifolds.

PROBLEMS--Difficulty meeting dimensional tolerances, increased production requirements high scrap produced from veining defects penetration and burn on resulting in high labor, machining and cleaning cost, casting inconsistencies. Also high solid waste and silica (quartz) dust generated within the foundry.

SOLUTION--CARBOACCUCAST[R] products improved the dimensional precision of cast parts, salvaging one multi-billion dollar marine project; provided production increases up to 27% eliminating a new production line addition; significantly reduced and in some instances eliminated veining and penetration defects resulting in lower scrap and cleaning up to 30% and 20% respectively. The product also minimized dusting and breakdown.

BENEFITS--With unique thermal and physical properties, CARBOACCUCAST[R] technically engineered products are a consistent value driven alternative to naturally occurring mined molding materials. Strong, durable and ideal for reclamation, these products contain no quartz silica and are chemically inert. CARBOACCUCAST[R] enhances global casting competitiveness while reducing health and MACT concerns regarding silicosis 75039

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Title Annotation:Technology in Action
Comment:CARBO ACCUCAST[R] synthetic ceramic molding media improves casting quality and operation.(Technology in Action)
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Date:Feb 1, 2004
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