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CAPTAIN HOOK JAILED FOR 20-YR CHILD SEX TERROR; Sick pervert preyed on 'Lost Boys'.

A child molester was compared to evil Captain Hook yesterday as he was jailed for 18 years.

Sick Keith Laverack, 52, assaulted his victims during 20 years as a teacher and headmaster at three children's homes.

Just like Captain Hook in the fairy story Peter Pan, Laverack preyed on the "Lost Boys".

"Some of them had been rejected by their mothers and fathers," lawyer Alex Carlile, prosecuting, told Chester Crown Court.

"Not a few had been sexually abused at home by fathers, stepfathers, uncles and friends."

When they arrived in Laverack's care, they thought their hopes and dreams of a new future had come true.

In reality they had fallen into the clutches of a menacing and sinister Captain Hook.

Laverack, who rose to be a senior social services manager with Cambridgeshire County Council, was convicted of a sample 15 sex assaults on children between 1965 and 1984. He was cleared of another five.

The charges involved children at Greystone Heath School, Warrington, Kneesworth House children's home near Meldreth, Cambs and Midfield children's home, near Cambridge. All the homes have since closed down.

Laverack stood with his head bowed as Judge Huw Daniel told him: "None of those young children...consented to what happened to them.

"They were raped, many of them, by you with violence and force. They submitted through fear of violence. "You took advantage of damaged children...when you knew that what these children wanted was love, affection and security."

Laverick even gained a master's degree from Lancaster University with a thesis on child abuse, which prompted one detective who helped nail him to say after the case: "It's not surprising he had so much knowledge - he was a professional abuser."

As the judge ordered Laverack to be taken down to the cells, watching victims in the public gallery broke into applause.

One of them said afterwards: "They should have sent him to a desert island where he can never harm children again."

Dozens of Laverack's former pupils offered to give evidence when his cover was finally blown.

For this Captain Hook, the "Lost Boys" had finally got their revenge.


Helplines have been set up for people who feel they may have been victims of child abuse at children's homes in Cheshire.

Anyone in need of help should contact the NSPCC on 01925 418430 or phone Cheshire police on 01244 614713 if you have any information about abuse
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Author:Corless, Frank
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Mar 8, 1997
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