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CAPS logistic management software.

CAPS Logistic Management Software

A fully-integrated software system designed to help sort out logistics problems is available from Computer Aided Planning & Scheduling, Inc. (CAPS). According to the company, the CAPS Logistics Toolkit is a flexible software package that can be assembled in many different ways. "The toolkit adapts to the way a company wants its business to operate," reports CAPS president Richard Sharpe. "It is the only available software that addresses the big picture - not just part of it."

CAPS states that the Logistics Toolkit can address a variety of areas, including network design, resources allocation, profitability analysis and routing and scheduling.

CAPS reports that the Logistics Toolkit uses a macro language that offers the user a tailored system without the added expense and development time required to design and maintain custom software. "System that previously took a year to build, now can be created in weeks or even days," Sharpe says. "We work with our clients to ensure that the software is modeled around their specific operational requirements, as opposed to force-fitting their operations into rigid routines."

CAPS states that Version 2.0 of the Logistics Toolkit has been recently enhanced by the addition of improved geocoding capabilities, additional algorithms, new tools for site location and network analysis and Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE). CAPS says the new geocoding capabilities offer the user the option of batch geocoding locations and placement on an electronic map or interactively geocoding locations.

With the updated geocoding, CAPS says the Toolkit offers the user numerous options for putting an address into the computer and having the points automatically matched on an electronic map. Users enter a street name and number, a city, state and zip code. The system can review entries for accuracy, and displays possible locations on the map.

CAPS says the geocoding module has the flexibility to match addresses in a batch-type method or interactively. For example, CAPS observes that a user could input all current customers and the geocoding tool will automatically place them on the map through the batch process.

CAPS states that the featured Dynamic Data Exchange allows communication with other Microsoft Windows software applications, including spreadsheets and graphics. CAPS Logistics Toolkit operates under Microsoft Windows 3.0 on an IBM386 PC or compatible.

For more information, call Molly Bardoul, CAPS, Inc. Tel: (404) 432-9955.
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Title Annotation:Computer Aided Planning and Scheduling Inc.
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Date:Jan 20, 1992
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