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CAPNM Annual Conference and General Meeting.

One hundred delegates to the 9th Annual Conference and General Meeting of The Canadian Association for Parish Nursing Ministry (CAPNM) met at the University of Alberta Lister Conference Centre, May 25th to 27, 2007.

The theme was "Parish Nursing: Harvests of Compassion." During the Annual General Meeting of CAPNM, Board members were elected, and focus was determined for committees to plan for the coming year's work:

1) Continue to affirm who we are as CAPNM through the work of all our committees; 2) Continue research; 3) Review Standards and Competencies; 4) Review the CAPNM Bylaws; 5) Increase membership and visibility; 6) Explore and implement methods that will achieve sustainable funding; 7) Translate CAPNM documents into French; 8) Encourage provincial interest groups; and 9) Communicate with schools of nursing and denominations.

Deaconess Julie Hink, RN, Chaplain, Good Samaritan Society, and Rev. Dale Olsen, Director of Mission Effectiveness, Good Samaritan Society, led worship Friday and Saturday mornings, including prayers and liturgy seeking the Spirit in our lives, renewing our hearts and sharing in rebirth and renewal.

Keynote Speakers were Dr. Joanne Olson, Parish Nurse at Riverbend United Church Edmonton and Dr. Margaret Clark, authors of "Nursing Within a Faith Community." Their theme was "Seeds of Compassion in the Springtime of Harvest." Part One of the session explored planting the seeds to understand the concept of compassion. Part Two moved from the Springtime of Compassion to the Harvest of Compassion and looked at Jesus as the model of compassion.

Skillfully woven into the presentation were quotations on compassion from Karen Marks and Dr. Lynda Miller, and illustrative stories of parish nursing practice sent to them from parish nurses across Canada.

Greetings came from Richard Butler, Assistant Deputy Minster of Health and Wellness, Alberta Health and Wellness, and Capital Health, Senior Operating Officer, Community Care Services--Caroline Clark. Rev. John Dowds, with the Presbyterian Church of Canada, who is the Edmonton City Chaplain, offered a warm welcome from city of Edmonton and offered Grace for lunch on Saturday. Rev. Dr. Deborah Patterson brought greetings from the International Parish Nurse Resource Centre in St. Louis, MO.


Plenary Session One was entitled, "Rituals of Healing and Healing Services, with speakers Karen Bridges, Riverbend United Church and Pastor Emeritus, Rev. Dalton Grant, McLaurin Memorial Baptist Church, both of Edmonton.

Plenary Session Two, "Reclaiming the Healing Mission of the Church," was led by Dr. Allan Effa, Associate Professor of Intercultural Studies, Taylor University College and Seminary, Edmonton.

Breakout Leaders were Dr. John Taylor, MD, Medical Services, Workers' Compensation Board, Alberta, who spoke on "Pandemic Flu Preparedness," and Pastor Lee Woolery, Lutheran Church of Our Saviour, Calgary, with Ms Diana Kemp RN, MN, Chair, Health Ministry Committee, Riverbend United Church, Edmonton, who spoke on the "Role of Health Ministry Committees in the Development of Parish Nurse Ministry Programs."

Closing Worship on Pentecost Sunday, May 27, 2007, centred on the theme "Harvest of Compassion Going Forth." Rt. Rev. Bishop Victoria Matthews, Bishop, Anglican Diocese of Edmonton, led this service of peace and healing with Rev. Dr. Deborah Patterson, IPNRC, assisting. At the close of worship laying on of hands and healing prayers were offered for all seeking healing and peace by Rev. Dr. Deborah Patterson and Rt. Rev. Bishop Victoria Matthews assisted by Deaconess Julie Hink and Parish Nurse Barbara Whidden.

Go Now in Peace and Serve the Lord!

Thank you to Frances Hudson, Coordinator, CAPNM, for this report. For more information about the next year's Annual General Meeting, or about CAPNM, you can contact Frances at, or visit the CAPNM website at
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