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CAPCON to offer dial-in Internet access.

The CAPCON Library Network, a non-profit regional library consortium based in Washington, D.C., and SURAnet, a National Science Foundation regional data communications network connecting educational, research, and related organizations throughout the southeastern United States, have entered into an arrangement that will allow CAPCON to provide libraries and their users dial-in access to the Internet, a worldwide electronic communications network.

While already providing network connections and services to many large research libraries, SURAnet believes that all libraries, whether large or small, should have access to the full range of Internet resources. SURAnet is very glad to work with CAPCON to provide an Internet link to a significant number of libraries in the capital area. Dr. Jack Hahn, SURAnet Project Director, said "This is a very exciting cooperative venture that will bring us all a significant step nearer to making the diverse and valuable information resources on the Internet available to all."

Under the arrangement, CAPCON will house computer and telecommunications equipment that will enable libraries, using a standard microcomputer and modem, to dial into a high-speed 56 Kilobits-per-second telecommunications line between CAPCON and SURAnet that will serve as a direct conduit onto the Internet.

The CAPCON/SURAnet connection will allow for full Internet functionality, including electronic mail, telnet, and file transfer protocol. Scheduled to be available by late summer, Reynolds indicated that the tentative costs for a library to subscribe to the CAPCON Internet Access Program will include a one-time $25 start-up fee, and ongoing fees of $75 per year and $20 per month within the DC/Northern Virginia/suburban Maryland local calling area for a library's first account, covering up to twenty access hours per month, with a nominal per-hour charge for access beyond twenty hours during a month. Additional accounts for a subscribing library will be available at reduced rates.

CAPCON is a regional library organization that provides its 150 member libraries and other libraries in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia, with a variety of services, including OCLC, training and continuing education, and discounts on online and CD-ROM reference services. For further information about the CAPCON Internet Access Program, call CAPCON 202/331-5771. For further information about SURAnet, call SURAnet 301/982-4600.

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Title Annotation:CAPCON Library Network and SURAnet agreement
Publication:Information Today
Date:Jul 1, 1992
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