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Byline: ShariLow

ANNOUNCING a new prize this week - The Craig Whyte Trophy for Shamelessness. This will be awarded to anyone displaying extraordinary determination to act like a big shot on the basis of nothing but delusion and smarm.

The inaugural winner is Anthea Turner's cheating husband, Grant Bovey, who has a new item on this year's To Do list: 1. Leave missus; 2. Devastate family; 3. Ignore pesky bankruptcy; and now 4. Book a wee jolly for me and the burd.

Yep, after all that stress and heartbreak, what's a poor, unfaithful chap to do? Apparently, he's to take the 25-year-old bit-on-the-side for a trip to Cannes, where the couple stayed in a PS900-a-night, five-star hotel.

Of course, perhaps there's a completely innocuous excuse for his young companion's presence there.

After all, even a man of Bovey's history might need a helping hand unclipping his brass neck so the sunbathing doesn't leave white bits.

OH, how I've been swinging my pants, busting moves I haven't attempted since the days when I could go from seated standing without checking if any bits had fallen off.

d to ecking ff. k has been h, with a breath-taking My inner rock chick unleashed this month, double whammy of maw-dancing. Last week, Bruce Springsteen, this week Robbie Williams. concerts were outstanding. gents, all those who would like to express appreciation. I'm sending of thanks from me, my chiropractor.

pringsteen, liams. Both nding. So, have benefited their ding a huge vote my chums and


BOVEY J Brass necked
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jun 27, 2013
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