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 MINNEAPOLIS, April 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Computer Network Technology Corporation (NASDAQ-NMS: CMNT) (CNT) today announced the completion of beta testing of CHANNELspeed software. The tests were conducted at Bank of Montreal, one of the 10 largest banks in North America, who said that they were able to significantly increase the volume of file transfers between mainframes by using CHANNELspeed software.
 The bank is using CHANNELspeed software as part of a disaster recovery network solution that was designed to move at least 70 gigabytes of data each day between their data centers in Willowdale and Scarborough, Ontario. Their network uses Network Data Mover (NDM) file transfer software from Systems Center, Inc. as the file transfer mechanism, CHANNELspeed software to improve channel-to-channel throughput, and CHANNELink network processors from CNT to move the data across a 44 Mbps T3 circuit.
 Mike Slade, manager of Capacity Planning, said, "CHANNELspeed's ability to improve the throughput of file transfer applications exceeded our expectations. We were easily able to complete a 70 GB transfer in 12 hours with our network. In fact, our tests showed that this configuration could easily move 115 GB within the same time frame."
 Jim Morin, manager of systems marketing for CNT, said "CHANNELspeed software increases host-to-host file transfer throughput in several ways. First, CHANNELspeed software can use multiple channels for data transfer, significantly improving throughput over a single channel, which increases potential throughput to the aggregate of all channels. Secondly, CHANNELspeed software by-passes VTAM channel protocols during file transfer. VTAM was designed to handle many kinds of communication, and its channel protocols are not particularly efficient for data- intensive applications like file transfer. To enhance performance further, CHANNELspeed software uses two unit addresses on each channel, enabling communication in both directions through a pipelining technique. VTAM typically uses a single unit address and a half-duplex channel protocol."
 The solution also met other important requirements for the bank: minimal disruption to operations and low host overhead. According to Tom Curtis, Network Performance Analyst at Bank of Montreal, "The installation was smooth and trouble free and CPU utilization is the lowest we have seen for a file transfer product of this type."
 Breaking Bottlenecks
 CHANNELink channel networking products from CNT remove two key bottlenecks inherent in host file transfers: the channel and the wide- area network. Until CHANNELspeed software, file transfer throughput was often constrained by the speed at which VTAM can move data across the channel.
 "By using multiple channels, minimizing VTAM, and by using multiple unit-addresses," said Morin, "CHANNELspeed software overcomes this performance limitation and increases the overall throughput for channel- to-channel operations."
 When used in conjunction with CHANNELink network processors, CHANNELspeed software can provide high-performance file transfer over unlimited distances. Said Morin, "CHANNELink network processors and CHANNELspeed software make the ideal combination. CHANNELspeed software eliminates the host file transfer bottleneck, while CHANNELink network processors ensure that the wide area links are utilized to the maximum capacity."
 Another important element of CHANNELspeed software is its ability to handle broken connections. If a channel goes down, CHANNELspeed software automaticallly routes traffic through the remaining channels in the link. This adds resilience to the connection, a critical factor for many file transfer applications, especially disaster recovery.
 In addition, CHANNELspeed software can be used for file transfer between systems in separate SNA networks. This can eliminate the need for expensive SNI gateways. CHANNELspeed software works in conjunction with popular file transfer applications including Network DataMover (NDM), NET/MASTER/FTS, E-NET and NETVIEW/FTP.
 Computer Network Technology Corporation develops, manufactures, and markets high speed channel networking products for the interconnection of mainframe computers, supercomputers, data base computers and peripheral devices over unlimited distances. The company's common stock is traded on the NASDAQ National Market System under the symbol CMNT.
 -0- 4/21/93
 /NOTE: CHANNELink and CHANNELspeed are registered trademarks of Computer Network Technology Corporation. All other trademarks referenced herein are the properties of their respective owners./
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