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700, 5940 Macleod Tri S.W., Calgary, AB T2H 2G4; 403/410-7600

Web site:

Branch offices: 1, 728 Victoria Rd S., Guelph, ON N1L1C6, 519/763-1957; 2101 Broadway, Ste 21, Kansas City, MO 64108, 816/842-5983; 101 N. 10th St, Ste 110, Fargo, ND 58102, 701/499-2112; 1111 16th St, Sacramento, CA 95814, 916/376-7840

Year established: 1984

Number of employees: 69

CEO: Roger Reierson

Pres: Ben Graham (

Sr Partner/Creative Dir: Les Kahl (

Digital Strategy Dir: Amanda Patterson (

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98 Severn Dr, Guelph, ON N1E 7K7; 519/822-2880

Web site:

Branch offices: Oakville, ON

Year established: 1978

Founder: Ginty Jocius

Pres: Frances Marcinlak (

Ad ag acct: Canada's Outdoor Farm Show, 1994

Ad/PR ag accts: Jaylor Inc., 2010; Walinga Inc., 2016


100 Stone Rd W., Ste 304, Guelph, ON N1G 5L3; 519/341-4100

Web site:

Year established: 1994

Number of employees: 10

Pres: Len Kahn (

CD: Francesco Piccioni (

AD: Virginia Govler (

PM: Marie Craig (

PR: Joey Sabljic (

Ad ag accts: Agri-Food Management Institute (projects), 2014; Canadian Young Speakers for Agriculture, 2007; Dairy Farmers of Ontario (projects), 2017; Farm & Food Care Ontario (projects), 2010; New Holland Canada (projects), 2017; Ontario Ministry of Agriculture (Food and Rural Affairs) (projects), 2007

Ad/PR ag accts: Canadian Centre for Food Integrity (projects), 2016; FMC Corporation (projects), 2017; University of Guelph (projects), 2007


3-3002 Louise St, Saskatoon, SK S7J 3L8; 306/373-6233

Web site:

Year established: 1976

Number of employees: 50

Pres/Partner: Shelley Arvay (

Strategic Advisor, Ag: Rod Delahey (

Ad/PR ag accts: BrettYoung; FP Genetics; Honey Bee; Redekop; SeedMaster,


445 Colborne St, London, ON N6B 2T2; 519/434-1365

Web site:

Branch office: Montreal, QC

Year established: 1997

Number of employees: 18

Owner: Robert Boyer (

Owner: Michelle Boyer (

Brand Strategist: Scott Hill (

Sr Acct Execs: Norm Castator (,

Mike Somerville (

Ad ag accts: Alberta Veterinary Laboratories; Bio Agri Mix; Merial Canada

Ad/PR ag accts: A. T. Ferrell; Affinity; BASF Canada; Hensall Co-op; Univar Canada

Ad farmer-funded accts: Saskatchewan Pulse Growers


1440 King St N., St. Jacobs, ON NOB 2N0; 519/664-2999, 877/723-2999

Web site:

Branch offices: Raleigh-Durham, NC

Year established: 1973

Chmn: Alan Quarry

Pres: Ken Whyte (

Ad/PR ag acct: Syngenta Canada Inc., 2010

PR ag acct: Turkey Farmers of Canada (projects), 2012

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1479 Buffalo PI, Ste 108, Winnipeg, MB R3T 1L7; 204/219-8838

Web site:

Branch offices: 645 Westmount Rd E., Ste 17, Kitchener, ON N2E 3S3; 100 Masters Ct S.E.,

Calgary, AB T3M 2B8

Year established: 1996

Number of employees: 36

Pres: Marty Fisher (

Acct Svcs Dir: Sharon Knutson (

Dir, BI: Rob Janzic (

Ad ag accts: Genuity Traits (media), 2017 (Koen Reynaert); Ag Growth International, 2006; Agtron (projects), 2017; Canadian Canola Growers Association (projects), 2016; DEKALB Canada, 2012; Monsanto BioAg, 2015 (all Marty Fisher); Monsanto Canada (projects), 2004 (Marty Fisher, Rob Janzic); ATP Nutrition, 2010; Monsanto Crop Management Systems, 2014 (both Pyper Rouse Cringan); Canola Council Canada (projects), 2014 (Rob Janzic); Climate Corporation, 2017; Woolwich Dairy (projects), 2015 (both Tara Jones)

PR ag accts: Canadian Wheat Board (G3), 2011 (Marty Fisher); Monsanto Canada, 2011 (Marty Fisher, Rob Janzic)


109 James Av, Winnipeg, MB R3G 0N6; 204/989-4323

Web site:

Branch office: 1201 S.W. 12th Ave, Ste 400, Portland, OR 97205, 503/789-1338

CEO: David Baker

Partner, Chief Growth Officer: David Lazarenko

Ad/PR ag accts: ADAMA Global, Verdeslan Life Sciences, Elanco, Concentric Ag, Trimble Agriculture


200, 630 8 Ave S.W., Calgary, AB T2P 1G6; 403/930-4900

Web site:

Branch office: 8933 Yonge St, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 0L5, 647/833-5404

Year established: 2003

Number of employees: 21

Pres: Jeff Groeneveld (

Exec VP, Strategy: Susan Groeneveld (

Exec VP, Insights & Analytics: Graham Kahl (

Ad ag accts: AMVAC, 2014; Beefbooster, 2007; Canada Beef, 2017; Centre for AquaCulture Technologies, 2016; Elanco Canada Ltd., 2015; Morris Industries, 2009; Nuseed, 2017; Silo Technologies, 2017; Versatile Tractors, 2009

Ad/PR ag accts: Alberta Beef Producers, 2017; Anuvia Plant Nutrients, 2015; Arysta LifeScience Canada, 2003; Arysta LifeScience U.S., 2003; Cat Healthy (Bayer, Boehringer Ingelheim, Hill's Pet Nutrition Canada, IDEXX Laboratories, Merial Japan), 2013; Royal Canin, 2016; Vive Crop Protection, 2015
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