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CAMA Manitoba update.

On February 26, CAMA Manitoba were pleased to host the CEO of Agritrend Rob Saik. Saik has taken on the enormous challenge of telling the story of the importance of GMO innovation in our continuing struggle to feed the world.

Saik is a professional agrologist and consumer who travels the world helping farmers feed our growing population. This provides a unique perspective on the perception and reality of agriculture today. These personal and professional experiences have revealed a significant disconnect between what is really going on at the farm and what the general public may perceive.

Saik shared with us the science and realities about GMO and discussed how technology is changing agriculture and the importance of growing safer, more reliable foods in an environmentally sustainable manner. His fear has been that the positive effects that GMO brings is being drowned out in the noise of misinformation.

To provide balance to this discussion he is in the process of developing a global perspective documentary that will take a closer, firsthand look at the people, ethics and science behind the myths and mystery of our food.

To do so, he has gathered a world-class team of scientists and filmmakers to create a fresh and often overlooked perspective on some of the toughest questions related to how we will care for our planet and feed people in the future. For further information please check out

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Date:May 1, 2015
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