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CAMA'S agri-marketer of the year.

The Canadian Agri-Marketing Association (CAMA) has named Jay Bradshaw, President of Syngenta Canada, its 2009 Marketer of the Year.

Bradshaw brings a passion for agriculture and an empowering leadership style that has helped build the company's exceptional reputation and position it for a strong future He joined the team in 2001 and has been spearheading Syngenta's "game changing'" design of the industry ever since.

Born and raised in a farming community in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, Bradshaw graduated from the University of Guelph in 1982 with an honours degree in environmental biology. He went on to earn his M.B.A. in Saskatchewan and build a career in agriculture.


With 25 years in both the board-roam and farming field, he draw on his wealth of knowledge in agriculture, business and effective leadership to exceed customer expectations, build partnerships and develop a corporate culture that motivates his team to act like owners. Under Bradshaw's leadership, Syngenta Canada's sales have increased 73% since 2001. The company was credited as the top overall performer in Canada by both retailers and distributors in a 2008 Stratus survey.

His management, style of building leaders from within has led to some truly exceptional programs that support scientific innovation, encourage leadership and help farmers run successful businesses.


Bradshaw oversaw the development of an employee benefit package and enviable working environment that attracts lop talent in Canada's agricultural industry. Syngenta was designated one of ''Canada's 'lop 100 Employers'' in 2007 and 2008, as well as a "Top 10 Employer in the Waterloo Region" for the past three years.

A recent company-wide survey showed that 98% of employees support the values of Syngenta and are proud to tell people where they work. A further 96% would recommend Syngenta as an employer.

His passion for agriculture includes helping Canadian growers become better business managers dedicated to sustainable farming. Under Bradshaw's encouragement, the Syngenta team created "Syngenta Grower University," a business management program developed in conjunction with the Richard Ivey School of Business.

"Leadership At Its Best" is another unique program designed to contribute to board member leadership development and to enhance an association's governance, organizational effectiveness and management.


In 2005, Syngenta became a registered ''Caring Company" with Imagine Canada, making commitment to con tribute to the vitality of Canadian charitable organizations and communities. Bradshaw and his team have been instrumental in developing Syngenta's "Giving Back to Agriculture," a program that benefits Canadian agriculture and helps create a vibrant future for our rural communities, including investing in endowment scholarships with Canada's major agriculture universities.

Bradshaw was Chair of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee of CropLife Canada for an unprecedented five years and now serves as Past Chair.

Under his guidance as Chair, stewardship programs were developed to reduce the environmental impact of empty pesticide containers. Last year, 73% of containers were collected across Canada and recycled, making Canada a world leader in container management. The program also collects unused or expired pesticides from the farm for safe disposal as well as trains consumers and professionals on responsible pest management.

"'GrowCanada," an educational program developed under his tutelage, takes a leadership role in communicating the safety and benefits of crop protection products, Canada's stringent regulatory system and the role plant science technology plays in modem agriculture.


A fervent defender of sustainable agriculture, Bradshaw continues to address the need for commercializing innovation while championing best practices and environmental stewardship.

His passion for agriculture and deep understanding of the industry has allowed him to be a well-respected leader in Canadian agribusiness. Both within Syngenta and on his many visits to Canada's farmlands, he is known for his ability to engage audiences and listen with a finely tuned ear. He is accessible, well-known to growers, and regularly attends industry functions.

He has also taken a bold approach to product marketing. Partnering with an urban-based advertising firm, Syngenta has pushed the boundaries of agri-marketing and won numerous awards for their innovative campaigns.

Through his customer-centered focus and strong connection with agriculture, Bradshaw continues to build the Syngenta brand based on positive customer experience. His enthusiasm and support for agriculture has resulted in programs that improve the business acumen of farmers, refine the leadership skills of grower groups, finesse the marketing savvy of retailers and increase the day-to-day enjoyment quotient of Syngenta employees.

by Patrick Crampton, Head, Marketing, Syngenta Canada
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Author:Crampton, Patrick
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Date:Jan 1, 2010
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