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 COLUMBUS, Ind., Oct. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Calspan Corporation has been awarded a contract to develop performance specifications for promising ways to help drivers avoid collisions at intersections, which account for 25 percent of all police-reported accidents. This contract with the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration is the second major award to Calspan for the Intelligent Vehicle-Highway System (IVHS) initiative, sometimes called "smart highways." On Aug. 31, Calspan was awarded a $3.054M contract for research and analysis of automated highway systems by the Federal Highway Administration. Smart-highway research will lead to operational tests and eventually to deployment of nationwide systems, associated services, and products in a U.S. market estimated to top $200 billion over the next 20 years.
 Since the early 1950s, Calspan's occupant-protection, vehicle- crashworthiness and accident-causation analysis research programs have contributed to driver safety, Federal standards, and "forgiving" vehicles and components. The emphasis in the new contract is on the science of crash avoidance: a science that now holds the greatest promise for continued improvement in vehicular safety.
 The initial award of $836,708 is for the 18-month first phase of a three-phase, five-year program. If all three phases are completed as planned, the total contract could be as much as $4.7 million to develop performance specifications for intersection collision avoidance systems. As prime contractor, Calspan formed a team of companies with expertise in sensors, systems analysis, communications, traffic management and control, modeling, test, producibility, and support technologies. The team will clinically analyze national accident data, develop functional goals and critical factors, review and analyze potential technologies, fabricate and bench-test prototype systems, and test and evaluate full- scale vehicles and components.
 Principal team members include Calspan's Advanced Technology Center, Buffalo, N.Y.; Battelle Memorial Institute, East Liberty, Ohio; Bendix Automotive Systems, South Bend, Ind. and Transportation Research Center, Columbus, Ohio. A number of other support contractors and consultants were named in the proposal.
 Calspan Corporation is an independent research and development organization with operating divisions and offices around the country providing high-quality technical services and unique facilities for research, system development, test and evaluation operations and scientific/engineering programs conducted for government and industry. Calspan conducts programs in areas such as electronics and avionics, aerosciences, computer and information sciences, and transportation research. Since the early 1950s, the company has been a leader in automotive safety including accident investigation and causal analysis, vehicle crashworthiness, restraint systems, and tire research.
 Calspan's IVHS-related engineering expertise includes human factors, sensors, communications, and control systems integration; distributed and real-time processing, modeling, and simulation; data fusion; decision support systems; and artificial intelligence. The company is actively involved in countermeasures and automated highway systems in support of IVHS programs.
 Formerly a subsidiary of Arvin Industries (NYSE: ARV) of Columbus, Ind., Calspan was recently merged with Space Industries International, Inc. Arvin retains a 70 percent ownership of the newly formed entity.
 Arvin Industries, Inc. (NYSE: ARV), is a Fortune 250 company supplying automotive parts and related products and services throughout the world.
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 /CONTACT: John Brown of Arvin Industries, 812-379-3389, or Al Salandra of Calspan Corporation, 716-631-6913/

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Date:Oct 20, 1993

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