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Caldera Systems, Inc., (Nasdaq: CALD), a "Linux for Business" leader and the Server Software Division of SCO (Nasdaq: SCOC) have formed a joint initiative to combine and offer Linux and UNIX server solutions and services worldwide.

The new offerings include the Linux Kernel Personality for UnixWare 7 -- the first technology developed to bring UnixWare 7 into the Linux business market. Also announced was Enterprise Support Services, SCO's worldwide support program designed to meet the business and time-critical requirements of enterprise customers.

These offerings fall under the umbrella of the Open Internet Platform (OIP) which combines Linux and UNIX server solutions and services. The OIP provides commercial customers and developers with a single platform that can scale from the thinnest of clients to the clustering needs of the largest data center. The Open Internet Platform combines the robust scalability of the UNIX system with the low-cost, developer-accepted Linux operating system.

"With Caldera's pending acquisition of the SCO Server Software and Professional Services divisions, we already see some progress in the integration of our technologies," said Ransom Love, CEO, Caldera Systems, Inc. "We believe that the combined strengths of Caldera and SCO are key in offering powerful Linux and UNIX solutions to the enterprise."

"HP sees that Caldera with SCO will bring more value to the Linux and UNIX markets. Each company has a proven record of providing the highest standard of support for their respective markets," said Jim Bell, general manager of HP's Open Source and Linux Operation (OSLO). "We look forward to working with the new Caldera to see that our hardware is a well-supported platform for their future business plans."

"SCO is very excited about the newly formed relationship with Caldera, said David McCrabb, president, Software Server Division, SCO. "Joining forces will escalate our ability to provide worldwide Internet solutions to a level that the industry has not yet seen."

Caldera and Open Source

Caldera Systems is a leader in -- and supporter of -- the Open Source movement. Please visit to download Caldera Systems' technologies that have been open -- sourced-including but not limited to -- LIZARD, Caldera Open Administration System (COAS), Webmin, OpenSLP, the NetWare Kernel File System (NKFS) and the OpenLinux 2.2 port for Sun's SPARC(TM) and UltraSPARC(TM)-based platforms. Caldera Systems, Inc. Caldera Systems, Inc. is a "Linux for Business" technology leader in developing and marketing successful Linux-based business solutions, including its award- winning OpenLinux, NetWare for Linux, Linux technical training, certification and support-with free 30-day phone support and on-site consulting. Caldera OpenLearning Providers offer exceptional distribution-neutral Linux training and certification based on Linux Professional Institute (LPI) certification standards. Caldera Systems supports the open source community and is a leader in, and advocate of Linux Standard Base (LSB) and LPI.

Caldera, Inc. was founded in 1994. Caldera Systems, Inc. was created in 1998 to develop Linux-based business solutions. Based in Orem, UT, Caldera Systems has offices and 800+ resellers worldwide. For more information, see or in the US call +1 888-GO-Linux (+1 888-465-4689).

About The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc.

With headquarters in Santa Cruz, CA, The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc. is comprised of three independent divisions -- Tarantella, Inc., the Server Software Division, and the Professional Services Division. The Server Software Division is the world's number one provider of UNIX server operating systems. Tarantella, Inc. promotes a range of software technologies and products that web-enable any application instantly, for access by users anywhere. The Professional Services Division helps organizations create and deploy personalized IT strategies. The three divisions sell and support their products and services through a worldwide network of distributors, resellers, systems integrators, and OEMs.

For more information, visit or call 831-419-5634.
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