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CAFE 92: an exotic and rare blend of business and pleasure.

The Spanish are throwing a party for the worldwide coffee community this summer that may well become legendary. This writer knows too well what coffee congresses are like; the endless search through the crowd for the person you hope to corner in a corner for a little business; the thronged look-alike ballrooms. The CAFE 92 Congress will have its share of this too, assumedly. But for the rest it promises to be unique.

The rule of its planners--the Spanish coffee industry, who are hosts of the European Coffee Congress in 1992--would seem to have been "Never A Dull Moment ,Ole!"

On Wednesday, we have an entire day for the Seville Expo. On Thursday, we spend the day at one of southern Spain's great estates and bull training centers. On Friday, we can attend the Congress itself, or for those who can't sit still there is golf or swimming or tours through the Andalucian countryside.

No, not all. In the evenings we have gala suppers in the Spanish style, ballet, the famed dancing horses of Andalucia, and of course, a Flamenco floor show. To wrap it all up, there is most certainly the ageless allure of the famed sherry of Jerez, the palm trees and the sun.

The organizers now foresee about 500 people attending CAFE 92, given what they're proposing for our pleasure I'm amazed it isn't 5,000. But glad too, in my selfish way, that the crowd will not be too thick.

Given the competition of Expo 92, bullfighting, flamenco dancers, and sherry, it is quite smart of the organizers to have brought in the kind of speakers for the Congress that ought to fill an auditorium, no matter how blue the sky of Andalucia. Speakers include Jorge Cardenas, manager of the Colombian National Federation of Coffee Producers; Jose Daniel Gubert, managing director Mark Dumas, managing director of E.D. & F. Man (Coffee) Ltd.; and Dr. Hubert Kohler, R & D director of Jacobs Suchard. Actually, having these four men on the same podium is perhaps fair competition to the poolside.

For myself, I'm not yet certain if I'll have the strength to be serious or am doomed to simply relax and enjoy the event. Balm for my conscience: I'll not be the only one at CAFE 92 torn between work and fun. Cafe 92: June 9 - 12, Jerez de la Frontera, Spain.
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Title Annotation:European Coffee Congress, 1992
Author:Bell, Jonathan
Publication:Tea & Coffee Trade Journal
Date:Mar 1, 1992
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