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 DETROIT, Sept. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Cadillac Motor Car Division embarks on another year of major product change with the introduction of the redesigned DeVille and all-new Cadillac DeVille Concours. Cadillac also integrates the Northstar System in DeVille Concours, Seville Luxury Sedan and Eldorado models as standard equipment and a new electronically controlled powertrain is added in the Fleetwood and Fleetwood Brougham.
 "This year is another great year for Cadillac. We are introducing a completely new DeVille and all-new DeVille Concours. These two models are the volume sellers for Cadillac, representing over 50 percent of the total 1994 Cadillac forecast sales volume," said John O. Grettenberger, Cadillac general manager and General Motors (NYSE: GM) vice president. "DeVille buyers have been the backbone of Cadillac's business. We currently have over 820,000 1986-1991 DeVille owners and many have told our dealers that it is time to update America's favorite luxury sedan."
 The DeVille Concours is a fully equipped, six-passenger sedan built from the same Cadillac exclusive E/K-platform architecture shared by the front-wheel-drive Eldorado, Seville and DeVille. DeVille Concours is the first use of Cadillac's high-tech Northstar System powertrain and chassis equipment in a six-passenger sedan.
 This year, Cadillac takes the next step in Northstar System evolution by introducing the 1994 Eldorado and Seville Luxury Sedan (SLS), each with the 270-horsepower Northstar powertrain and adaptive Road-Sensing Suspension as standard equipment.
 For drivers who demand the ultimate touring vehicle, Cadillac continues to offer the Seville Touring Sedan (STS) and Eldorado Touring Coupe, each with the higher performing 295-horsepower Northstar engine.
 All Cadillac front-wheel-drive passenger cars are built on two shifts at the Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly Center. The rear-wheel-drive Cadillac Fleetwood models are built at the Arlington, Texas, plant.
 For 1994, the Fleetwood retains traditional Cadillac luxury on a grand scale, while receiving a new 260-horsepower 5.7-liter GenII V8 engine and new 4L60-E, four-speed automatic, electronically controlled transmission.
 Supplemental Inflatable Restraints with knee bolsters are standard equipment on all models. For 1994, Cadillac introduces the Airbank air bag system on its DeVille and DeVille Concours models which provides supplemental protection for all three front-seat occupants, adding to a long list of Cadillac-engineered industry firsts. All Cadillacs meet 1997 model federal dynamic side-impact standards, and feature steel safety cage body construction and designed-in front and rear crush zones which help preserve the occupant compartment in a collision.
 "With newly designed models and improved powertrain systems for 1994, plus outstanding safety and owner privileges, Cadillac is creating a higher standard with more quality, performance and value for the money than any luxury manufacturer," said Grettenberger.
 While introducing the new 1994 lineup, Grettenberger reviewed a successful 1993 model year. "We are pleased to finish the 1993 model year at a sales level of 211,000 units which is nearly equal to 1992. We are particularly pleased by our 3.2-percent year-to-date increase in retail sales because it signifies that our retail sales improvement strategies are effective," he said. Grettenberger also noted that with a redesigned DeVille, new DeVille Concours and improved Seville, Eldorado and Fleetwood models, the division is expecting sales of 234,000 units during 1994, an increase of nearly 10 percent.
 Cadillac has strategically reduced daily rental fleet sales from 58,878 units in 1992 to a forecast of 34,300 in 1993 marking a steady reduction in dependence on fleet volumes to retain market share. In turn, the division reports replacing those daily rental fleet sales with retail sales. Reductions in daily rental fleet sales will continue in 1994 with a forecast of only 19,000 fleet units offered during the year.
 Grettenberger noted that the division plans a value pricing strategy for 1994 models that includes very aggressive manufacturer's suggested retail prices on high-volume and traditional models coupled with competitive pricing and very attractive lease deals on prestige models. "Since 1989, Cadillac retail leasing has grown from just 7,000 units to more than 53,000 in 1993," said Grettenberger. "Cadillac has always enjoyed a high repurchase rate, but we're finding that leasing is even stronger. Sixty percent of Cadillac buyers opt to buy another Cadillac. With leasing it's nearly 70 percent."
 The 1994 Cadillac DeVille, DeVille Concours and Fleetwood models will be introduced to the public in Cadillac showrooms on Thursday, Oct. 7, 1993. Manufacturer's suggested retail prices for these models will be announced on Wednesday, Sept. 29, 1993, just 24 hours before dealers are invoiced for these three new models by Cadillac.
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