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 SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Cadence Design Systems Inc. (NYSE: CDN) today announced a new design data management solution, Teamwork Design Manager(TM), developed specifically for use by electronic product design teams. Teamwork Design Manager enhances the productivity of design engineers and product design workgroups with easy- to-use mechanisms for efficiently managing, sharing and releasing design data, thereby accelerating the design process.
 No Overhead Approach to Design Management
 Teamwork Design Manager is the EDA industry's first practical solution for addressing the critical work-in-progress phase of electronic design. An extraordinary differentiator for this product is that it has absolutely no affect on the runtime performance of other design tools in use during this iterative and interdependent design phase. A limitation of existing design management technology is the degradative effect on tool speed which is estimated to be as high as 25-30 percent.
 "Design management systems are known to slow designers down and when that happens, they just go around it," said Joe Prang, general manager for Cadence's systems design group. "We realized users were frustrated with the complexity and weight of other design management systems, so we built a solution from the ground up with the needs of designers and engineering managers as our focus."
 No Tool Modification Required -- Open System
 An advantage of Teamwork Design Manager is that it is completely open -- not only does it manage files generated with Cadence applications, it will also manage design data from in-house or third- party commercial vendor tools as well. It's unique architecture allows for immediate use without integration or encapsulation. This alleviates the usual tool modification procedures that are necessary before production use, and can take many months to complete. Teamwork Design Manager is fully productive with every tool in the process within days or weeks of delivery.
 Fastest Set-up, Built-in Use Models
 Unlike other design management technology, Teamwork Design Manager provides built-in use models to help engineers working in multi-user design teams share and release designs. Historically, design teams have struggled to determine the optimal way to administer procedures for creating, sharing and releasing design data in multi-user environments. With Teamwork Design Manager designers choose from four flexible, intuitive use models that can be used interchangeably depending on the size of a workgroup or point in the design cycle. These use models provide varying degrees of formality and control of data sharing procedures.
 "Design Management is critical to any electronic system design," said Robert A. Johnson, senior engineer at IBM Networking Systems. "We feel that Teamwork Design Manager provides the functionality and flexibility to manage a customer specific design process with a range of tools and methodologies."
 Easy-to-Use and Learn
 The use models present a high level interface that is virtually transparent to the end user who needs to learn only four commands to use the system. Designers no longer have to fight their way through a design management system to get to their tools and data. The use models provide project set-up, version control, configuration and library management, release control, and archiving for multi-user project teams. This comprehensive functionality allows Teamwork Design Manager to be configured quickly, and enables the designer to track designs while exploring repeatable "what-if" alternatives without performing complex versioning commands.
 A sophisticated notification system alerts interested parties when certain project events occur such as design promotion, library updates, part changes and project releases, in effect, streamlining data sharing capabilities to support concurrent engineering in the team environment.
 Links Workgroup and Corporate Design Management
 The requirements for managing design data during the work-in- progress phase are different than the requirements for managing and controlling released data into manufacturing. Two levels of design management are needed to effectively manage data from design through manufacturing.
 Teamwork Design Manager is complementary to enterprise-wide product data management systems (PDM), which control product data in multi- disciplined areas such as test engineering, manufacturing, and mechanical design.
 Teamwork Design Manager focuses on the "real-time" changes that occur in the engineering environment. These are characterized by constant iterations of the design during the entry/analysis loop where a designer tries multiple design alternative experiments ("what-if" design). Designers need a system that allows them to save and restore interesting tool runs, repeat tool runs on different design alternatives, compare results, and re-run a tool with different tool inputs or options. Teamwork Design Manager provides a high performance system with a simple, easy-to-use interface for the electronic design workgroup.
 According to Dave Hoppe, manager of engineering computer integrated and manufacturing group in Motorola's government systems and technology group, "Managing data at the enterprise level, while providing an environment that accelerates team design in our electronic project groups are critical issues. We believe that a two tiered approach to managing design data is an effective way to support our design process. Teamwork Design Manager truly addresses the management of design data at the workgroup level, and has attributes to fill a critical data management need."
 At release time, when a design checkpoint is taken, a fully synchronized design data packet is sent to a PDM system. Cadence is working closely with the leading commercial PDM vendors to link Teamwork Design Manager, which will simplify the transfer of design data through to manufacturing.
 "Electronic design workgroups have some unique requirements for data management support which have not generally been well-addressed by the major PDM systems," said Eddy D. Miller, president of CIMdata who has analyzed the data management market since 1983. "Cadence's Teamwork Design Manager is specifically focused on this workgroup with very simple and easy-to-use features. The intent of this new product is to provide direct support for the workgroup's local work-in-process activities, and a solid interface to a higher level PDM system for support of the broader company activities. Cadence's new product is a welcome addition to the PDM market."
 Pricing and Availability
 Teamwork Design Manager is already installed at customer sites and is available for immediate shipment on Unix workstations. Each user license for Teamwork Design Manager is a floating license. Pricing for a 20 user configuration starts at $4,500 per seat. Cadence also offers consulting services for customers to define and implement their project management and release procedures with Teamwork Design Manager.
 One of the 10 largest software companies in the world, Cadence Design Systems Inc. is the worldwide leader in the development and marketing of design automation software and services that accelerate and advance the process of designing electronic systems. Cadence combines leading-edge technology with a complementary set of services that enable customers to improve the quality and time-to-market performance of innovative electronic products. Cadence is based in San Jose and employs over 2,400 people in more than 60 R&D, sales and support locations worldwide. The company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol CDN.
 NOTE: Teamwork Design Manager is a trademark of Cadence Design Systems Inc.
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