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CAD-CAM in CNC unit offers expert NC advice.

CAD/CAM in CNC unit offers expert NC advice A new type of CNC unit that includes a 2.5-D CAD/CAM system has been introduced by Robert Bosch Corp, Industrial Electronic Div, Collinsville, CT. Called CC 200 M, the unit is an enhanced version of a CNC product introduced last year.

Designed for application on drills, milling machines, and machining centres with three to eight axes, the CC 200 M combines functions of CAD, NC programming (CAM), and programmable logic control. Using simple controls, English prompts and menus, international icons, and a color-graphics screen, an operator can rapidly generate or reproduce a part drawing and determine ideal cutter paths and machining sequences. Animated simulation of cutting enables him to check the entire process before actually cutting a part.

The CAD system was developed jointly by Robert Bosch Corp and a well-known Swiss machine-tool builder. Capable of being used while the controlled machine cuts a part, the CAD system allows an operator to design parts from geometric features such as cubes, pockets, right angles, and hole patterns.

This method, known as feature-based modeling, is faster and easier than electronically drawing every line, arc, etc. The operator does not have to learn and use a programming language, nor does he need to make calculations.

In the CAD mode, parts can be viewed on all three sides, rotated, displayed as wireframe or shaded objects, viewed in cross-section, and dimensioned. After completing a part drawing, the operator inputs material specs and designates possible collision areas.

That done, he selects--from menus and prompts--roughing or finishing, and designates a sequence of cutter paths. At this point, an expert-like system suggests tools for the process. Recommended tools and inserts are selected automatically from the individual machine's programmed tool file.

The expert-like system also recommends feeds, speeds, and spindle direction. An operator can accept or make substitutions for all or some of the system's recommendations.

Besides enabling design and dimensioning on its own screen, the CC 200 M CAD/CAM system accepts drawings down-loaded from a remote CAD system or host computer. Imported CAD drawings are processed for NC in the same manner as those generated locally.

Unlike separate CAD/CAM systems, the one in the CC 200 M needs no postprocessor to generate machine code. Each CC 200 M is programmed with code for its machine tool. Machine code is generated automatically from the tool-path program.

For full details, write to Robert Bosch Corp, Industrial Electronics Div, Canton Business Park, 97 River Rd, Collinsville, CT 06022. Phone 203-693-6321.
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Title Annotation:computer numerical control
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Date:Feb 1, 1989
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