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Injection molders can get more out of computerized process simulation; other processors can enjoy CAE's benefits as well.

There will be plenty of news in CAE process-simulation software, which is now able to benefit a wider range of processors--not just injection molders. And even in injection, CAE is modeling more than just what happens in the mold--it has been extended to help optimize plastication as well. You won't see much news at the show in CAD software, except for a so-called "intelligent" mold-design package that automatically propagates changes made in one view to all other views and updates the bill of materials, too.


AC Technology North America, Louisville, Ky., will introduce the first commercial version of its C-Mold simulation software for blow molding and thermoforming. This package was developed from the original PITA program of GE Plastics, Pittsfield, Mass. AC Tech will also show its first structural RIM (SRIM) simulation module.

A finite-element program for calculating viscous and viscoelastic flows in extrusion will be shown by Polyflow S.A. of Belgium. The software is marketed here by Mitsubishi International Corp., N.Y.C. Recently, the software has been extended to blow molding applications.

Scientific Process & Research will also have information on new Release 4.01 of its Extrud-PC software, providing full-scale simulation of extrusion processing.


NPE will be an opportunity for processors and tool designers to get a first-hand look at two recently introduced families, or "suites," of mold-analysis software for injection molding. The new Dynamic Series of analysis software will be demonstrated by Moldflow, Shelton, Conn. It was first introduced last fall. The series further integrates and restructures the company's suite of 10 analysis tools in order to make them faster and easier to use. It will be demonstrated on a variety of operating platforms.

Also to be demonstrated at NPE is the C-Mold PC suite of analysis modules from AC Technology. Introduced within the last three months (PT, April '94, p. 13), this release makes the full suite of C-Mold modules available for PCs.

New "Technical Aid" flow-analysis software will be demonstrated by Injection Molding Industries, Birmingham, Mich. It's the latest development from Ian Barrie Consultancy in England, which also produces a separate "Quoter" software package that includes flow analysis plus part-price quoting (PT, May '90, p. 77).

New injection molding flow-analysis software, developed at the University of Taiwan, will be introduced to the U.S. by Vetter Associates, Ridgewood, N.J.

Scientific Process & Research, Inc., Somerset, N.J., will demonstrate its new Injexx-PC software, which simulates plastication in an injection molding machine barrel. The software helps optimize screw-rotation time, barrel temperatures, and screw design, and may be used in conjunction with flow-analysis software.


The Ultimate Mold Design System from D-M-E Co., Madison Heights, Mich. reportedly provides true 3-D database capabilities while working with 2-D assembly drawings. For example, if a pillar is added to the "B" plane view, the section or end view will automatically be updated to include the added pillar. A bill of materials is automatically updated too.

What to Look For:

* Process simulation now models injection, extrusion, blow molding, thermoforming, SRIM.

* CAE simulates plastication inside injection barrels.

* 'Intelligent' mold-design software saves time and effort.
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Title Annotation:Special Show Preview: NPE '94; computer-aided design; computer-aided engineering
Author:Gaspari, John De
Publication:Plastics Technology
Date:May 1, 1994
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