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CAD/CAM software designs woodwork: Wood & Wood Products reviews the latest CAD/CAM software from 15 companies.

CVSolidCAM from Cabinet Vision Inc. generates machine-ready code for jobs in as little as one second per sheet, the company says. It is fully integrated with Cabinet Vision Solid Professional and is compatible with many machines from nested-based routers to point-to-point machines.

(800) 753-8009

Circle #238

KCDw Software has introduced the Closet Maker, which was created to be the main design tool for custom closet storage unit designers and builders, says the company. Features include Photo Realistic 3-D drawings, floor plans, elevations, shop drawings, detailed cut lists, estimates, proposals and contracts. It also includes more than 200 mouldings and door styles. It is available as stand-alone software or it can be added to the KCDw DesignPro or CabinetMaker.

(508) 385-8569

Circle #239

Building Blocks Inc. has released version 14.5 of its CIMBlock automated GAD/CAM software for cabinet, door and countertop industries. The improved version includes the Shop Floor Studio module, a software suite designed to streamline processes and increase manufacturing throughput with a graphics-based machine interface, the company says.

(770) 497-8830

Circle #240

CNC Software Inc. offers Mastercam Router software, a CAD/CAM software. It features CAD modeling, NC programming, part nesting and optional engraving. The company says it can design tightly nested parts and program complex scroll work.

(800) 228-2877

Circle #241

Cabinet Solutions offers a CAD software package. Its features include floor plans, elevations, bird's-eye views, cutlist generation, estimation, parts labeling, optimization, customization and 2-D and 3-D designs. The company says it can do kitchens, entertainment centers, closets, vanities, islands and peninsulas.

(888) 577-9192

Circle #242

Pattern Systems International Inc. has introduced RapidEngineer. It uses the modeling features of AutoCAD 2000/200i. It has an on-the-fly engineering to production capability and automatically generates CNC data for machinable parts, bill-of-materials, cutlists, optimization, nesting, part pictures, etc.

(800) 225-7804

Circle #243

MBI Software Co. provides integrated software solutions for the woodworking industry. The company offers the Enterprise Resource Planning system, various CAD software programs for graphical order entry, design and construction, modern web applications and an archive system.

(888) 847-6024

Circle #244

Stiles Machinery Inc. offers NestRite production and manufacturing management software, which is bundled with the Nestech-85 CNC router. The program reduces the time to integrate the Nestech router with design software, says the company. It queues sheets of nested parts for the operator, can help run single parts, and parts can be injected into or subtracted from nests.

(800) 424-3434

Circle #245

CADCode Systems' SeeSaw Software enables users to print labels for any saw or router at the time the parts are created, which eliminates mislabeled parts, says the company. The software also offers automatic online printing via an electronic interface with label-capable CNC saws. It displays a cutlist panel image showing material dimensions, cuts and parts descriptions when used with manual saws and routers.

(609) 486-0787

Circle #246

DII International manufactures Quick-Scan software, which is a package that can automatically produce CAD data from hand drawings, templates or sample parts and for all complicated contours for CNC processing machines.

(336) 889-0469

Circle #247

Eurosoft Inc. has released the 'High Efficiency" option for the ARDIS cutting optimization program, which reduces the number of cutting patterns while maintaining good yields. The company says the number of patterns are reduced up to 20% compared to standard ARDIS.

(919) 859-9364

Circle #248

NC Micro offers an easy-to-use CAD/CAM system that now includes AutoCAD 2000i built in. Users can automatically program any CNC router or point-to-point machine using Router-CIM. Router-CIM now includes a parametric macro builder, 40 MDF door macros, pocketing and 4th axis aggregate support.

(972) 234-6655

Circle #249

Planit-Cabnetware Inc. has introduced an addition to its series of Enabler software programs. The MDF Door Enabler allows Cabnetware's CNC Link program to output multiple tooling instructions for virtually any MDF door style to Cabnetware's G-Code Enabler or Nesting Enabler programs.

(530) 666-6647

Circle #250

Imos-CAD is Virtual Systems International Inc.'s AutoCAD-based software that integrates manufacturing systems with pre-production processes. The software creates 2-D and 3-D presentation and construction drawings, material bills, cutlists and CNC programs.

(919) 319-0888

Circle #251

Licom Systems Inc. manufactures AlphaDoor, an AlphaCAM VBA application designed for the creation and production of MDF simulated raised panel doors and drawer fronts using CNC woodworking machines. The company says an expanding library of door styles allows the user to apply different tool paths, thus creating an infinite range of style types. Automatic true part nesting, machine code output and job reports round off the process.

(704) 393-5551

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