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The newest generation of 3D simulation software takes aim at screw designs as well as hot-runner, mold, and part design. Two new releases improve the tools for simulating the mold-filling phase. A brand-new software program marries prototyping and finite-element analysis software in a new way to make "virtual prototypes" of PET preforms and bottles. There's also a stronger material for rapid prototyping--PC/ABS.

New simulation software

Screw designs can be put under virtual scrutiny with a new Injection Molding Plastification simulation module from Compuplast. It helps optimize screw designs for injection molding.

Quick and accurate part and mold design checks are possible with new version 8.0 of Moldex 3D software from Coretech of Taiwan (supplied here by EPS Flotek). The software incorporates a new "voxel" or brick-mesh module used for new "boundary-layer" meshing that reportedly simplifies creation of a high-quality mesh for a complex 3D geometry. The meshing approach delivers fast 3D "quick-fill" analysis.

Moldflow's new version 6.0 of Moldflow Plastics Insight (MPI) features a new 3D Warp solver that calculates part warpage faster than before, and a coupled 3D flow solver that is 34% faster. New version 7.3 of Moldflow Plastics Advisors (MPA) 3D-solids-based software for molding feasibility analysis has upgraded the prediction of filling, part thickness, and warpage. Moldflow is also unveiling its new Communicator 1.0, a full-featured simulation viewer that is available for free. Also new is Simalink software that allows data sharing between simulation and control products.

Virtual prototyping software from Plastic Technologies comes together with Abaqus FEA software in a new service that eliminates prototyping and testing of PET preform and bottle concepts. One software package can create a virtual part that is "tested" in a virtual laboratory. Product is run through a virtual oven, where a 3D temperature profile of the part is established. It is then virtually blow molded and wall-thickness distribution is predicted. From that, FEA software can define the properties of the virtual bottle with higher accuracy than before.

And in the field of structural FEA, Abaqus will introduce more than 115 improvements its version 6.6 of its ABAQUS software suite.

Smarter CAM

DP Technology's new Esprit Mold CAM sol, ware for high-speed three- and five-axis machining utilizes knowledge of in-process stock, remaining material, and integrated simulation and verification for fast programming of a wide variety of 3D machining applications.

New Mastercam X CAD/CAM software for two- to five-axis milling, turning, wire EDM, and surface and solid modeling allows users to tailor preferences by working through a customizable interface. It helps create sophisticated 3D sculpted images from simple 2D artwork.

Rapid prototyping progresses

New Dimension BST and SST 1200 large-format 3D printers for rapid prototyping from Stratasys' Dimension Printing unit are priced under $30,000 and have 57% larger working envelope than previous models. Stratasys is also introducing PC/ABS material for stronger rapid prototypes that improve prediction of the performance of the end product. And a new online rapid-prototyping and rapid-manufacturing service called Redeye RPM was started just last fall by Stratasys. It has its own booth at the show.

Exhibitor Listings

Includes CAD/CAM systems and software, flow and cooling simulation/analysis, and rapid prototyping. New developments appear in boldface type.

ABAQUS INC. Booth 11236

Introducing version 6.6 of ABAQUS finite-element analysis software suite. More than 115 major improvements include integrated adaptive remeshing.


Booth 11224

Offers flow simulation and mold-design and analysis services.


Booth 1335

Demonstrating injection mold-analysis and structural finite-element analysis services. Exhibiting software used to simulate warpage, injection compression, coinjection, and gas assist. Will show Moldflow and MoldPack filling simulation and MoldCool cooling program.


Booth 9304

Unveiling Injection Molding Plastification simulation module used to optimize screw designs for injection molding. Releasing version 8 of Moldex3D simulation software with a new meshing approach for fast 3D filling analysis. Video presentations on polymer processing every 15-20 min. Also showing latest versions of simulation software for blow molding and thermoforming, and its latest virtual Extrusion Laboratory software.


Booth 9015

Taiwanese firm introducing version 8.0 of its Moldex3D software featuring a new voxel or brick-mesh module for quick and accurate part and mold design checks, and new boundary-layer meshing that simplifies creation of a high-quality mesh for complex 3D geometry.


Booth 10343

New Dimension BST and SST 1200 series large-format 3D printers for rapid prototyping are priced under $30,000 and have 57% larger working envelope than previous models.


Booth 10720

Introducing version 8.0 of Moldex3D software from CoreTech of Taiwan. Will showcase engineering consulting services, especially filling, packing, cooling and warpage analysis for injection molding.


Booth 11029

Introducing Esprit Mold easy-to-use CAM software for high-speed 3- and 5-axis machining.


Booth 4535

Supplies complete PLM sol, ware systems for design, engineering, manufacturing planning, reverse engineering, and data management.


Booth 7113

Offers prototyping services with stereolithography, selective laser sintering, rubber/epoxy molding, casting, and machining.


Booth 11114

Unveiling Mastercam X CAD/CAM software for 2- through 5-axis milling, turning, wire EDM, and surface and solid modeling. Also exhibiting its full line of CAD/CAM software.


Introducing Moldflow Communicator 1.0, a full-featured viewer for simulation results that's available via free download. Also introducing Simalink, a new technology that allows data sharing between process-simulation and shop-floor control systems. Also showing new version 6.0 of MPI (Moldflow Plastics Insight) simulation package and new version 7.3 of MPA (Moldflow Plastics Advisor) simulation software.


Booth 923

Introducing Virtual Prototyping simulation software for PET bottle designs that combine virtual predictive prototyping with Abaqus FEA analysis.


Booth 5996

Offers rapid prototyping for cast-metal parts.


Booth 10804

Provides part or mold development, rapid prototyping, and moldmaking.


Since last fall offers online, automated rapid-prototyping and rapid-manufacturing service, capable of handling large volumes of parts. Launched by Stratasys, it uses that company's fused deposition modeling (FDM) and Polyjet ink-jet prototyping methods and materials.


Booths 10432

Introducing PC/ABS material for FDM rapid prototyping that is stronger, yet water-soluble, permitting hands-free removal of supports for faster modeling.


BOOTH 9055

Manufactures solid-imaging systems and materials for rapid prototyping, rapid tooling, and rapid manufacturing. Offers stereolithography (SLA), selective laser sintering (SLS), and 3D printers, as well as own line of stereolithography resins.
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Date:Jun 1, 2006
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