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CACCN vision, mission, values and philosophy statements.

New vision statement

The voice for excellence in Canadian Critical Care Nursing

New mission statement

* The CACCN is a non-profit, specialty organization dedicated to maintaining and enhancing the quality of patient and family-centred care by meeting educational needs of critical care nurses

* Engages and empowers nurses through education and networking to advocate for the critical care nurse

* Develops current and evidence informed standards of critical care nursing practice

* Identifies professional and political issues and provides a strong unified national voice through our partnerships

* Facilitates learning opportunities to achieve Canadian Nurses Association's certification in critical care

New values and beliefs statement

Our core values and beliefs are:

* Excellence and Leadership

** Collaboration and partnership

** Pursuing excellence in education, research, and practice

* Dignity and Humanity

** Respectful, healing and humane critical care environments

** Combining compassion and technology to advocate and promote excellence

* Integrity and Honesty

** Accountability and the courage to speak for our beliefs

** Promoting open and honest relationships

New philosophy statement

Critical care nursing is a specialty that exists to care for patients who are experiencing life-threatening health crises within a patient/family centred model of care. Nursing the critically ill patient is continuous and intensive, aided by technology. Critical care nurses require advanced problem-solving abilities using specialized knowledge regarding the human response to critical illness.

The critical care nurse works collaboratively within the interprofessional team, and is responsible for coordinating patient care using each member's unique talents and scope of practice to meet patient and family needs. Each patient has the right to receive care based on his/her personal preferences. The critically ill patient must be cared for with an appreciation of his or her wholeness, integrity, and relation to family and environment. Critical care nurses plan, coordinate and implement care with the health care team to meet the physical, psychosocial, cultural and spiritual needs of the patient and family. The critical care nurse must balance the need for the highly technological environment with the need for safety, privacy, dignity and comfort.

Critical care nurses are at the forefront of critical care science and technology. Lifelong learning and the spirit of enquiry are essential for the critical care nurse to enhance professional competencies and to advance nursing practice. The critical care nurse's ability to make sound clinical nursing judgments is based on a solid foundation of knowledge and experience.

New strategic plan: five pillars

1. Leadership

* Lead collaborative teams in critical care interprofessional initiatives

* Develop, revise and evaluate CACCN Standards of Care and Position Statements

* Develop a political advocacy plan

2. Education

* Provide excellence in education

* Advocate for critical care certification

3. Communication and Partnership

* Network with our critical care colleagues

* Enhance and expand communication with our members

4. Research

* Encourage, support and facilitate advancement of the field of critical care

5. Membership

* Strive for a steady and continued increase in CACCN membership
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Date:Dec 22, 2009
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