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In the Dominican Republic television spectrum there are 7 VHF and 19 UHF channels free-to-air channels, as well as 53 cable channels. The free of charge channels programming consists mainly of locally produced entertainment shows, news, and comedy shows; and foreign sit-comes, soap operas, movies, cartoons, and sports programs. The U.S. Commerce Department provided the following report:

Cable TV, despite its cost of US$25 per month, is growing rapidly because it offers programs of better quality and greater variety. About 250,000 Dominican households subscribe to cable TV, and the number of subscribers is growing by 7% per year. There are 45 cable TV companies that provide service in Santo Domingo and the rest of the country, although 60% of the market is supplied by the three largest companies: Telecable Nacional, Super Cable and Cable TV Dominicana. Cable TV is not only offered in the cities, but also in semi-urban and rural areas;

The most popular programs are imported from the U.S. (with subtitles or dubbing in Spanish), Mexico, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, and Brazil. Optic fiber technology has given cable TV programmers extensive capacity, allowing them to provide numerous TV channels. The following is a list of some of the foreign TV channels currently available in the Dominican Republic: TNT, Cinemax, ESPN International, CNN HN, Warner Brothers TV, NBC International, WGN, Discovery Intl, Discovery, Discovery Kids, Nickelodeon, Animal Planet, MTV Latino, HBO Ole, Cartoon Network, Weather Channel, Mundo Ole, WPIX, WOR, CBS, ABC, Lifetime, NBC, MTV, RAI (in German and Italian), TV5 (in French), Sony Entertainment TV, Univision, Cinecanal, and Disney Channel;

Unfortunately, some cable TV companies are taking and selling channels without paying the royalties to the foreign companies. Five years ago, the Dominican Government tried to close down the operations of those firms that could not prove they held contracts with foreign producers. Nevertheless, piracy is still a significant problem. Another problem is that local cable companies regularly substitute foreign advertising with local advertising, sometimes interrupting programming;

In July of 2000, the major cable TV companies began offering to their subscribers premium movie channels through the Pay-Per-View (PPV) system for an additional monthly fee of US$10. Subscribers use a decoder (provided by the cable TV service) to decode the movie signal. The same technology is used for adult channels. The new PPV channels are from the U.S. firms Hallmark Entertainment, The Film Zone, MGM Network, Fox Network, and U.S.A. International. Together with the new PPV channels, cable companies will be offering SEGA channels and interactive television;

Best export prospects for cable TV programming include news programs, movies, music TV, comedy, sit-coms, cartoons, TV dramas, and entertainment programs, and game shows. There are also opportunities for interactive channels. U.S. programmers must take into consideration that the official language is Spanish, and although a large percentage of the higher socio-economic class speak English, subtitled or dubbed programs are the best option for Dominican viewers;

Key Contacts:

. Telecable Nacional, Ave. Gustavo Mejia Ricart No. 119-B, Ens. Julieta, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Tel:809/542-6612. Fax: 809/ 542-6134. Contact: Sr. Jose Florentino, President;

. Cable Television Dominicana, C. por A., Ave. Abraham Lincoln esq. Jose Amado Soler, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Tel: 809/ 562-5150. Fax: 809/542-6134. Contact: Sr. Frank Jorge, President;

. Canal Comercial Dominicano, Calle Rafael Augusto Sanchez esq. Lope de Vega, Plaza Intercaribe, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Tel: 809/ 541-8865. Fax: 809/541-8865. Contact: Sr. Sommer Carbucia, President;

. Telecable Dominicano C. Por A. Carretera de Mendoza No. 116, 2do. Piso, Plaza Julia, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Tel: 809/595-9178. Fax: 809/595-9482. Contact: Sr. Ramon Abreu Beato, President;

. Carivision, Canal 27, Ave. Gustavo Mejia Ricart esq. Dr. Defillo, Ens. Quisqueya, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Tel: 809/566-9696. Fax: 809/576-7424. Contact: Sr. Julio Hazim, President;

. SISTESA C. POR A., Centro Comercial Base Aerea San Isidro, 2do piso, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Tel: 809/688-3333 x2289. Fax: (809) 688-3333 x2289. Contact: Jose M. Leonardo, Manager;

. Cable Vision, Canal, 8 (Telecable Banilejo), Calle Presidente Billini No. 1, Bani, Prov. Peravia, Dominican Republic. Tel: 809/522-3033. Fax: 809/522-5724. Contact: Sr. Leonel Ortiz, President;

. Telecable Sancristobal, Canal 8, Ave. Constitucion No. 101 esq. Doctor Brioso, San Cristobal, Dominican Republic. Tel: 809/528-5690. Fax: 809/528-4844. Contact: Sr. Franklin Moreno Alvarez, President;

. Telemacorix. Calle 1ra., Urbanizacion Hazim, San Pedro de Macoris, Dominican Republic. Tel: 809/246-2375. Fax: 809/526-6868. Contact: Sr. Javier Garcia, Administrator;

. Yuna Vision, Calle Duarte esq. Mella, Edif. Fantino, 2do. Piso, Bonao, Dominican Republic. Tel: 809/525-2828. Fax: 809/525-5444. Contact: Sr. Pedro Jimenez, President;

. T.V. Cable Sanjuan, C. por A., Calle Club de Leones No. 15, San Juan de la Maguana, Dominican Republic. Tel: 809/557-4245. Fax: 809/557-5058. Contact: Sr. Jesus Pena, Administrador;

. Empresa de Transmision por Cable (TVCVB), Calle Jose Meson No.1, esq. Jaime Mota, Barahona, Dominican Republic. Tel: 809/524-5474. Fax: 809/524-2587. Contact: Sr. Andres M. Villabrille, President;

. Mao Cable Vision, Calle Eliseo Echavarria No. 4, Valverde Mao, Dominican an Republic. Tel: 809/572-5353. Fax: 809/572-2818. Contact: Sr. Reyes Gonzalez, President;

. Cable Atlantico, Luis Lopez No. 2, Imbert, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. Tel: 809/581-2404. Fax: 809/581-2050. Contact: Julio De Lancer, President;

. Amina Cable Vision, Calle 11 No. 3, Amina, Mao, Dominican Republic. Tel: 809/226-6107. Fax: 809/572-2818. Contact: Freddy Alberto Nunez, Administrator;

. Tele Cable Luperon S.A., 27 de Febrero No. 62, Luperon, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. Tel: 809/571-8169. Fax: 809/571-8052. Contact: Ena Lopez Morrobel, General Manager;

. Vision Satelite Dominicana S.A. (VISATDOM), Ave. Estrella Sadhala No. 85, Santiago, Dominican Republic. Tel: 809/576-3232. Fax: 809/576-9683. Contact: Victor Blanco, President;
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