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C500-599 Professional Advancement. (Reports of CSSA Divisions, Branches, and Committees, 2002).

Reports of these committees on file


C632 American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS)

General Report

The 53rd annual meeting of AIBS was held at the Key Bridge Marriot Hotel, Arlington, VA, March 22-24, 2002, with the AIBS Council meeting following in the same location on March 25, 2002. As a member of AIBS and the representative for ASA-CSSA-SSA, Charles W. Stuber attended the entire session. The scientific session on March 22-24 was entitled "Evolution: Understanding Life on Earth" and featured several outstanding evolutionists as plenary session speakers as well as numerous group discussion sessions, all of which were very informative.

Some of the items discussed in the council meeting included (i) an update on the progress made on the 11 initiatives from the 1999 Presidents' summit, (ii) steps required in forming an AIBS Public Issues Council, (iii) a discussion of progress on AIBS's undergraduate education activities, (iv) discussion of the scientific community's role and responsibility with respect to bioterrorism, (v) an update on the BioOne online journals project (which ASA-CSSA-SSA did not subscribe to), and (vi) an update on NSF funding programs and initiatives.

Because our Society is a member of AIBS, we were allowed to place a free ad in Bioscience listing our job opening for an executive vice president. We were also allowed to place a nomination on the ballot for election to a working group of biologists for a new project: Infrastructure for Biology at Regional to Continental Scales (IBRCS). Tom Fenton, from Iowa State University, has agreed to be our nominee on this ballot.

Unfinished Business



None, as AIBS serves as the strong collective voice of more than 85 scientific societies in the biological sciences arena.


Continue working with the AIBS organization and initiatives.


None at this time.

Committee Member Replacements

Not applicable.

Members of the Society Activity

Charles W. Stuber is an AIBS member and ASA-CSSA-SSA representative.

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Author:Stuber, Charles W.
Publication:Crop Science
Date:May 1, 2003
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