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C singles.

Jose Tufino had no easy path to the C singles title. He started with an 11-5 tiebreaker win over William Vargas of Virginia, who is a veteran three-wall and fronton player with an unusual sweeping stroke.

In the semis, Tufino survived an 11-10 thriller over fellow teenager Amit Sarker.

In the final, Tufino handled his friend Jeanpierre Garcia in two games for a well-deserved move up to the B next year.

First round: Jeanpierre Garcia (Elmhurst, N.Y.) d. Kevin Liang (Brooklyn, N.Y.) 16, 15; Jose Tufino (Jackson Heights, N.Y.) d. William Vargas (Alexandria, Va.) 18, (18), 5.

Semis: Garcia, def.; Tufino d. Amit Sarker (New York) 17, (11), 10.

Final: Tufino d. Garcia 7, 10.

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Date:Nov 1, 2019
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