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C Speed Corporation Awarded Patents for Its 3D MEMS Technology.

OFC 2002, ANAHEIM, Calif. -- C Speed Corporation (, a leading developer of 3D MEMS-based, scalable optical switching subsystems, today announced that it has received two U.S. patents for innovative technologies used in the company's all-optical ASCENT architecture.

At the heart of C Speed's ASCENT architecture is the Company's first patent, a triple actuator 3D MEMS mirror that delivers typical switching speeds of less than 10 milliseconds, long-term reliability, and high vibrational stability. The mirror system combines electrostatic comb drives with flexure arm-based actuators. This implementation provides a critically damped, inherently stable MEMS micro-mirror system that operates extraordinarily well under open-loop conditions and minimizes the complexity of the closed-loop control system. It also eliminates the need to add complicated torsional mirror positioning technology, thus controlling manufacturing costs while increasing fabrication yields. Lastly, C Speed's patented micro-mirror design makes the mirrors highly resistant to shock and vibration due to the device structure while eliminating all rubbing parts to ensure long-term reliability.

The second patent pertains to unique packaging for the switch fabric that brings the light beam over a very short path to the first steerable micro-mirror before the light can diverge. The package patent builds on the high performance of the patented mirror system while it minimizes insertion loss and optimizes uniformity of path-to-path performance when switching all-optical signals. Key benefits of this patented approach include high optical performance, regardless of switch size or network requirements, and true manufacturability using today's manufacturing processes and tolerances.

"The key to performance is the critical distance from the collimating lens at the end of each fiber to each steerable high-performance mirror," noted Ralph Ahlgren, senior vice president of engineering at C Speed. "In our switch, this distance is radically shortened to less than 10 millimeters over any port count -- a tenth of any other design -- and allows the mirrors to be packaged in a tiny, postage stamp-sized space. This in turn minimizes the effects of temperature and pressure, making our architecture more stable and fault-tolerant than competitive offerings."

Because of these patented innovations, C Speed's ASCENT architecture is optimally suited for the rigors of telecommunications optical switching applications and their demands for high, uniform performance. C Speed's switch fabrics are designed to meet or exceed all of the Telcordia performance and reliability standards for optical switch fabrics in carrier environments. In addition, long-term network reliability is assured without requiring any of the complicated electronic control or system position sensing schemes that are common in first-generation 3D MEMS switch fabrics.

About C Speed Corporation

C Speed develops scalable 3D MEMS-based switch fabrics that deliver low loss, fast switching and carrier class reliability enabling all-optical switching in core, regional and metro markets. The Company's patented ASCENT technology integrates MEMS into a modular switch core architecture that scales from 40x40 to 1024x1024 ports. Founded in 1997, C Speed Corporation is privately held and is headquartered in Santa Clara, California. For more information, please call C Speed at 408-496-3600, or visit .


Contact: press, Helen K. Thorvald of C Speed Corporation, +1-408-496-3609, or

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Date:Mar 18, 2002
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