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C Level Design Donates CycleC Methodology to the Open SystemC Initiative and Accellera; Company Demonstrates Openness and Commitment to Industry Standardization Efforts for C/C++.

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CAMPBELL, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 19, 2001

C Level Design, Inc., the sales and technology leader in hardware design in C/C++, today announced it plans to donate its CycleC methodology to both the Open SystemC Initiative (OSCI) and Accellera. The company, which is committed to the industry standardization efforts for C/C++ will also be joining OSCI and the SpecC Technology Open Consortium and will participate as an active member in both organizations.

"We have achieved significant customer success worldwide with our CycleC(TM) methodology," said Daniel Skilken, President and CEO of C Level Design. "In order to accelerate the adoption of C/C++ as the next-generation hardware design language standard, we realize that we must share our knowledge and technical success. C Level has always been committed to supporting industry standards and will demonstrate that commitment by donating CycleC to the two organizations that are leading those standardization efforts. We are committed to working with Accellera and OSCI to create an industry-wide hardware design standard based on C/C++."

CycleC is a cycle-accurate design methodology that is based solely on ANSI C/C++. Hardware descriptions written in the CycleC style simulate orders of magnitude faster than traditional native-compiled HDL simulators. Because CycleC designs are written in ANSI C/C++, they can be compiled with a standard C/C++ compiler and simulate without the need for a simulation kernel. They can also be simulated in a C++ class library environment like SystemC and will be compatible with the Semantic Reference Manual effort that is currently under development within the C Working Group (CWG) of Accellera.

"C Level Design has been an active member in Accellera's Architectural Language Committee C Working Group (CWG)," stated Dennis Brophy, Chairman of Accellera and Director of Strategic Business Development for Model Technology. "We are pleased by this technology donation to advance to our standardization efforts. The CycleC donation used in conjunction with the group's current work will promote the development of a common semantic notion that comprehends both simulation and synthesis."

About SystemC

The Open SystemC Initiative establishes an interoperable, open modeling platform to promote the growth of C-based design and enable exchange of system-level C++ models and co-design. The collaboration promises to establish a de-facto modeling standard for the benefit of the entire electronics industry. There is broad and growing support for SystemC from leading companies in the semiconductor, electronic systems, IP, EDA and embedded software industries. Users can download the SystemC modeling platform, which includes the SystemC specification, source code and reference manual, at

About Accellera

Accellera was formed in March 2000 from the unification of Open Verilog International (OVI) and VHDL International (VI) and exists to drive worldwide development and the use of standards required by systems, semiconductor and design tools companies, which enhance a language-based design automation process. This includes support of technical groups involved with developing standards for IEEE 1364 or the Verilog hardware description language (HDL) and IEEE 1076 or VHDL. Many of today's successful products have been designed using the Verilog and VHDL including workstations, communications systems, personal computers and consumer electronics. For more information, visit

About C Level Design

C Level Design, Inc., the sales and technology leader for C/C++ design tools was founded in 1997 to develop and market system-level design products for system and hardware designers. The company's products and consulting expertise in C/C++ enable global electronics companies in the networking, telecommunications and processor market segments to create and verify their designs using ANSI C/C++ for higher simulation performance and designer productivity, and synthesize those designs for use in their existing RTL HDL design flows. C Level Design is fully committed to supporting industry standards for C/C++ design and is a member of the SystemC, SpecC, Accellera and VSIA. For more information, visit:

Note to Editors: C Level, CycleC and System Compiler are trademarks of C Level Design, Inc. All other brands or product names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies and should be treated as such.
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