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C&D Consultancy - leading by example in the sector; WHO'S WHO IN DEMOLITION.

In addition to being the headquarters to some of the best demolition companies in the world, the Midlands is also home to one of the global demolition industry's best-known and most-respected consultancy and training companies.

In just a few weeks' time, the great and the good of the global demolition industry will gather in Amsterdam for the annual World Demolition Awards. As has become the tradition, the Midlands will be well represented with the likes of AR Demolition and Coleman and Company vying for the industry's top prizes. Their fate, and the fate of the other 50+ shortlisted companies, rests - at least in part - in the hands of another son of the Midlands: former Institute of Demolition Engineers' (IDE) president, John Woodward, who has been a member of the judging panel since the inception of the awards.

Man of Influence When he isn't one of the hand-picked judges at the World Demolition Awards, or at the Construction News Specialist Awards, Tipton-born Woodward runs the UK's foremost demolition training and demolition consultancy company, C&D Consultancy.

In the past few years alone, Woodward has influenced the UK demolition industry perhaps more than any other individual.

He was the co-author of the Top Down Demolition guidance notes published by the National Federation of Demolition Contractors (NFDC). As IDE president, he pioneered an unprecedented drive to ensure that all members adhered to the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) system of continual learning. He remains a sought-after guest speaker at a multitude of industry and non-industry events right across Europe. And he has helped devise many of the industry training schemes that have helped make the sector safer and more productive than at any time in its history.

Despite these notable achievements, and despite an extrovert personality and flamboyant wardrobe, much of Woodward's work is altruistic in nature and goes on largely below the radar. When the second of the huge Red Road flats was imploded in Glasgow recently, the contractor Safedem rightly took the plaudits. But C&D Consultancy had been CDM consultant on this prestigious contract.

Altruism in Action Perhaps the best example of Woodward's altruism was the development of a series of video Toolbox Talks.

"Several times a week, demolition sites are required to provide their workforce with a Toolbox Talk on a specific health and safety matter such as asbestos awareness or emergency procedures. But I was concerned at the quality and consistency of some of these Toolbox Talks," Woodward says. "So we created a series of video Toolbox Talks and offered them free of charge to demolition companies here and overseas. The response has been fantastic, overwhelming. We have recently had the series translated for use in the Turkish demolition sector and into Polish for many of the UK workers, and we are currently in the process of recording a number of new educational videos for a major demolition company here in the UK."

Next on the agenda for Woodward is a guest speaker slot at the Smestow School in Wolverhampton where he hopes to inspire the next generation of demolition professionals.

"Demolition used to be viewed as a dirty and potentially unsafe business.

But with the advent of technology, that is no longer the case," Woodward asserts.

"A lot of demolition contractors now use advanced software to pre-engineer their works and 3D modelling systems to demonstrate to clients precisely how a demolition project will be undertaken.

As a result, there are thousands of highly skilled demolition engineers and professionals that rarely even get their site boots dirty. The industry has never been safer and it really does offer incredible career prospects for anyone - male or female - that is willing to work hard and to learn."

Safer Sites Hard work is something that Woodward knows all about. Anyone that follows his informative and entertaining Twitter feed (@johnwoodward) will know that he is regularly on the road before 5am in the morning and that a round trip taking in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen is all in a day's work for demolition's King of the Road.

But that is all a part of Woodward and C&D Consultancy's commitment to the demolition industry.

"If a client requires a group of workers to receive training, we will deliver it," John Woodward concludes. "If that means delivering training in a classroom in the Midlands on a weekday or on a rainy site in Scotland over a weekend, we will find a way. And if our training makes an individual worker or an entire site just that little bit safer, then that is time well spent in my opinion."

If our training makes an individual worker or an entire site just that little bit safer, then that is time well ' spent in my opinion John Woodward


Tipton-born John Woodward runs the UK's foremost demolition training and demolition consultancy company
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