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EU Elections: Is Brexit the Beginning of the EU's Demise? Jun 17, 2019 826
NUCLEAR POWER THE PROMISE VS. IRRATIONAL FEAR: After decades of unprecentedly safe energy production, nuclear power generation is still being unfairly vilified as a hazardous, costly, and anti-environmental option. Jun 3, 2019 4506
Communist Party USA Is 100 Years Old This Year: Most Americans are unaware of the total betrayal by communists in the United States, including loyalty to a foreign power and actions to violently overthrow the government. May 20, 2019 4328
SPIES WHO HELPED WIN OUR INDEPENDENCE: George Washington discovered the necessity of well-placed spies, and then put them to use, saving both the revolution and himself. Book review Apr 22, 2019 1622
How the DIVERSITY Crusade Is Destroying Our Culture. Mar 4, 2019 1593
The Continuing Scourge of Anti-Semitism. Mar 4, 2019 4581
The Ugly History of Special Prosecutors. Jan 21, 2019 2163
THE PRESIDENT WHO OBEYED THE CONSTITUTION: William Howard Taft could be characterized as a big, big man, for not only did he tip the scales well above 300 pounds, he worked to follow the Constitution as president and judge. Dec 24, 2018 1507
After the Elections: WHAT'S NEXT? With Democrats retaking the House, but Republicans gaining in the Senate, Democrats are expected to reject any actions Trump wants done--but they don't control things. Dec 10, 2018 4339
What Happened to Federalism? Dec 10, 2018 3694
WEAPONIZING GOVERNMENT INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES AGAINST TRUMP: This new book explains how government cronies Rod Rosenstein, James Comey, and Robert Mueller stopped a long-overdue investigation of Hillary by investigating Trump. Oct 22, 2018 1591
UNDOING the DEMOCRATIC NARRATIVE: Though liberal reviews of the movie Death of a Nation harshly pan it, it is a generally accurate movie, explaining some of the devastation wrought by Democrats and their policies. Movie review Sep 17, 2018 1316
Giving China to the Communists: Chinese Nationalist Chiang Kai-shek was a loyal ally to America during WWII, but a handful of U.S. leaders poisoned American policy toward him, while building up the communists. Sep 17, 2018 5281
Conspiracy Theories and Conspiracy Facts--The Q "Conspiracies". Sep 17, 2018 786
DERSHOWITZ OPPOSES CRIMINALIZING POLITICAL DIFFERENCES: Longtime liberal stalwart and lawyer Alan Dershowitz believes that calls to impeach Trump are a political exercise and, if followed to conclusion, could be dangerous. Book review Sep 3, 2018 1533
Tariffs and the Founding Fathers: Though free trade--really trade managed by an entity empowered to change countries' laws--is portrayed as an unalloyed "good," America's influential Founders disagreed. Aug 20, 2018 3137
HISTORY LOST TO HISTORY: Certain Founding Fathers, such as George Washington and James Madison, are known to most Americans, but others who played dominant roles in shaping our country are obscure. Book review May 21, 2018 1577
Karl Marx--The Father of Communism? Though Karl Marx is credited with devising communism--in response to the conditions of the working poor--the ideology was taught to him mainly by wealthy intellectuals. May 21, 2018 4241
The Waco Tragedy 25 Years Later: Despite years of justifications and denials by the ATF and FBI, it is apparent not only that the assault on the sect was unprovoked, but that government leaders were at fault. Apr 9, 2018 4225
GUILTY until proven innocent. Mar 19, 2018 6232
A DEMOCRAT DEFENDING TRUMP: Alan Dershowitz is a well-known Democrat liberal and legal scholar, but he is aghast at the political Russiagate witch hunt of Trump that is masquerading as justice. Book review Mar 19, 2018 1473
John Foster Dulles: How This Early "Deep-Stater" Harmed America: John Foster Dulles--a politician following in his family's footsteps--decided the world needed global government, so he worked to achieve it, including backing dictators. Biography Mar 5, 2018 5776
Did Jefferson Have Dalliances? For a variety of reasons, critics have claimed that Thomas Jefferson, after his wife's death, fathered children with his slave Sally Hemings, but the facts say otherwise. Feb 19, 2018 2243
ANOTHER LOOK: AT ANDREW JACKSON: Andrew Jackson has been called a racist, rapist, and irrelevant to American history, but none of those charges rings true. In fact, he was likely responsible for binding the country together. Book review Jan 22, 2018 1546
The Regressionism of Progressivism: We are typically told in school that the Progressive Era was a time when "good government" saved America from free markets run rampant, but historical facts tell a different story. Book review Dec 18, 2017 1490
JESUS A Man of History: Skeptics of the deity and even the existence of Jesus Christ abound, but the historical evidence of Him is strong, and even Jesus' enemies didn't deny that He did miracles. Dec 18, 2017 4851
THE REAL RUSSIA-GATE. Book review Dec 4, 2017 1551
UNIVERSITY PRESIDENT CHALLENGES POLITICAL CORRECTNESS: Dr. Everett Piper, president of Oklahoma Wesleyan University, rebuked students for whining about having their ethics and beliefs tested. This book expands upon the theme. Book review Nov 20, 2017 1516
The Bolshevik Revolution After 100 Years. Nov 6, 2017 4366
NFL Anthem Protests Are Not a First Amendment Issue. Oct 23, 2017 780
Robert E. Lee: answering his critics. Biography Sep 18, 2017 4550
Dunkirk: miracle or blunder? Aug 21, 2017 4505
What is the alternative: as public schools degenerate? Cover story Jul 24, 2017 4213
World War I--the war on western civilization. Book review Jul 24, 2017 1596
Fear world government. Jul 10, 2017 4646
Nixon's populist path. Book review Jul 10, 2017 1511
William Jennings Bryan: he really tried to keep us out of war: popular myth says that President Woodrow Wilson kept America out of WWI as long as possible, when in fact he continually sided with the Allies, against the advice of Bryan. Jul 10, 2017 4348
Real ID threatens a free society. May 22, 2017 2836
"McCarthyism"--a term that libels a dead patriot. May 22, 2017 4475
Blacks and cops: Milwaukee county's no-nonsense sheriff, David Clarke, gives the perspective of a black sheriff on race relations between blacks and police. Book review Apr 3, 2017 1558
The electoral college: The best way to pick a president. Jan 23, 2017 3926
More than OK on Oklahoma: this history text about the people and events of Oklahoma's past is a lively, politically incorrect and accurate telling--covering killing, corruption, and "causes". Book review Nov 21, 2016 1520
Reds and the silver screen: when a group of influential communists in Hollywood refused to testify in Congress about their efforts to communize America, they were lauded by leftists. Nov 21, 2016 4366
The meaning of Thanksgiving. Nov 21, 2016 796
Correcting constitutional chaos: U.S. Senator Mike Lee explains not only why America should adhere to the Constitution, but how she can, though judges and politicians are doing their best to subvert it or ignore it. Book review Nov 7, 2016 1667
National anthem protests. Cover story Oct 24, 2016 3838
Anarchism is not the path to liberty: though it is true that governments are the greatest danger to rights, liberties, and lives, anarchy--the absence of government--will not bring about increased safety and freedom. Sep 19, 2016 3992
What's up with Wasserman Schultz? Aug 22, 2016 2974
Keeping to a cause during discontent: Phyllis Schlafly has personally helped drive the direction of the conservative movement, and has played key roles in policy implementation. She explains how the GOP became pro-life. Jul 18, 2016 1483
Taft vs. Eisenhower 1952: the GOP loses its soul: through deceit, verbal attacks, and GOP rulemaking, the Eastern Republican establishment nominated liberal Dwight Eisenhower as the GOP presidential nominee in 1952. Jul 4, 2016 5436
Price controls are popular but wrong, morally and economically: most Americans believe there are times when government should control the prices and availability of goods and services, but they wouldn't if they realized the harm done. Jun 6, 2016 3911
Securing the blessings of liberty: the author of this book on the Constitution believes in a living Constitution," insofar as a Constitution that isn't strictly followed is a dead document. Book review Jun 6, 2016 1571
America and immigration: a mixed history with lessons for today. Mar 7, 2016 4963
Uncivil war: in war, barbarities will inevitably occur. The civil war was no exception, as exhibited by Camp Douglas. Jan 25, 2016 3467
The libeling of Columbus continues. Correction notice Nov 9, 2015 1574
What killed black progress? Sep 21, 2015 1464
Ann bids bye-bye to America: Ann Coulter presents the case in her new book, !Adios, America!, that massive illegal immigration represents a threat to the fabric of the country as a whole. Book review Sep 7, 2015 1416
John Randolph's journey on slavery: in a day and a state where slavery was legal and popular, John Randolph, a Virginia congressman and plantation owner, spoke against it and acted against it. Aug 3, 2015 4000
The 14th Amendment: its sordid history and effects: the 14th Amendment has been used to forward same-sex "marriage" and abortion, as well attack Christianity, but its writers never intended those radical applications. Apr 20, 2015 4509
Libel: Warren Harding was our worst president: President Warren Harding is often condemned by historians as a corrupt, incompetent president--odd for a man who was respected and praised for honesty while alive. Jan 19, 2015 4761
UN-CIVIL WAR: What happened when a Northerner vociferously protested against war with the South? This movie by the director of Gods and Generals and Gettysburg answers that question. Movie review Jul 1, 2013 1295
Was McVeigh a Christian terrorist? Letter to the editor Jun 17, 2013 189
Crooning for communism. Jul 9, 2012 798

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